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Spring Starts Here at Sears
Performance Starts Here

With the arrival of spring 2014, things are getting very busy for many families. Lawns need to be worked on, grilling equipment need to be ready for parties, and winter clothes will be giving way to spring/summer fashion.

To commemorate the arrival of Spring 2014, Sears has come up with a new campaign called Spring Starts Here. The idea is to communicate to customers that Sears is the place to start for all things related to spring.

For this campaign, Sears is running up to 45% off sale on patio furniture and grills. With the help of Sears coupons and promo codes, customers can get additional 10% off furniture and extra 5% off grills, and that is on top of free delivery.

With such aggressive pricing and promotional activities, it is no wonder that spring really starts at Sears. 

Check out the latest TVC for Sears below. This is for household appliances and is about products with good performance.

Sears Coupons 2014: Get 75% Off & Free Shipping with Promo Codes

These Sears promo codes updated in April 2014, can help you save more on all Sears orders you make.

Sears: Click here for up to 75% off Everything with Coupons

Sears: Click here to get $5 off all orders above $50

Sears: Click here for a list of all Sears coupon codes and deals

Sears is an amazing chain of department stores in the United States. It has been around for many years, and is considered a household name in America. Today, Sears operates thousands of stores across the US, Canada and Mexico.

What is Sears?

Sears carries all sorts of products across dozens of categories, including but not limited to - clothing, accessories, homeware, household appliances, electrical products, outdoor furniture, and thousands of other micellaneous products.

When you shop at Sears, you can be sure that you are getting the best deals because of the scale of Sears as a company. Sears' size means that it has plenty of clout in negotiations with suppliers which in turn allows it to pass on immense price cuts to consumers. Therefore, when you go to, you are well assured that you will not find much better offers elsewhere for whatever you wish to purchase.

What's so amazing about Sears is not just the wide product variety and low prices. Sears also provides top notch customer service. For example, you can choose to have your orders delivered to you, or arrange to collect them at a local Sears store. When returning or exchanging products, you can also mail the items back, or send them back to a local store for processing. This convenience provided by Sears has helped thousands of consumers in America save much time and effort, and energy which they can use on other areas in life such as work and family.

Sears Website Highlights

  • Many shipping options - next day, standard shipping, expedited - for any budget
  • Good customer service features
  • Wide variety and inventory of products across many categories
  • Always open
  • Many payment options available for all sorts of customers

How to Save More at

By now you should know that when you shop at, you are getting the best prices around. carries the widest variety of products available because the online store has access to product inventory across all Sears locations. This means that you will not run the risk of having an out of stock situation when you shop online. Chances are, if the product you are looking for is not available online, it would not be available offline as well.

To be able to save more on, you should be aware of the various marketing programs and initiatives that Sears runs online. First of all, Sears has a Daily Heist program where everyday, certain products are put on fire sale with deeply discounted prices.

Next, you have to be aware that shipping costs may be incurred when you shop online. This is mostly inevitable but if you know the tricks, you can often get away with free shipping offers. Look out on the Sears website for any indication of free shipping when you reach a certain purchase amount threshold, or when you purchase specific products.

Besides these usual marketing intitiatives and programs available on, you also have to be aware of Sears promo codes and coupons. These are usually not publicised widely on as many coupon codes are targeted towards specific customers, or may be available only on channels such as Sears' email newsletters.

The best part about Sears coupons is that you can often combine the use of these coupon codes with other promotions and offers available on For example, when purchasing a Kenmore kitchen appliance, Sears often runs price cuts on these items. You can often get additional 15% discount on Kenmore appliances when you use a coupon code. If you combine these deals together with a free shipping offer, the end result is that you are getting a new household appliance for a very attractive price, shipping included.

How to Use a Sears Coupon?

If you wish to use a Sears coupon, the most important thing is you must know how to use it. First, you can go to the website featured above to get the latest Sears discount code. After you are done with that, go ahead to add items to your Sears shopping cart. When you are ready to check out, you just need to take note of a feature in your shopping cart which allows you to enter a promo code. Enter the code that you found earlier, and click Apply. Once that's done, you should see the coupon applied successfully can you can get the discount.

Gift Shopping at Sears
Holiday Decorating tips brought to you by Sears & Kmart

Sears is the favourite shopping destination for many middle-income American families. The fact that it is a department store with something for everyone in the family means that it is a great place to buy presents for occasions such as Christmas and birthdays. 

During festive periods such as Christmas, Valentine's Day, Easter and Thanksgiving, Sears often runs special promotions in-store and online whereby customers can enjoy storewide discounts and price savings on thousands of products suitable for these occasions. It is hard to not be able to find something suitable to give your loved ones with such a huge variety of merchandise available.

Besides Sears, the company also has other concept stores such as Sears Outlet, Sears PartsDirect, and Sears Auto where different segments of customers can find what they need. This is another thing that is great about Sears as a company.

During events like Christmas, Sears also provides many tips and ideas for home decoration in store and online. For example, in the Youtube video below, Sears shares some tips on holiday decorating. The products that are featured in the video can all be found in Sears stores and on Isn't that awesome?

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