Even with the plethora of fencing choices, the chain link fence continues to be the most popular choice by both homeowners and business owners. Chain link fencing is available with a vinyl or powdered coating over galvanized steel. Chain link fences are available in a wide range of heights, weights and also different mesh sizes.

When a residential fence company in Jacksonville FL installs a high quality painted chain link fence, it can add an attractive addition to the curbside appeal of your home. What is better than this type of fencing being easy on the eyes is the fact that it comes equipped with an affordable price tag as well. Their versatile features and affordability are the biggest reasons why people are drawn to chain link fences.

Common Usage

Fence companies Jacksonville fl frequently install chain link fences in order to draw a clear line between various pieces of property. This type of fencing is commonly used to enclose children's play areas in order to keep the children from wandering into the street. Homeowners like to install this type of fencing around their gardens and pools to keep animals out. They also like installing taller chain link fences around their home for a little privacy and security.

Business owners hire a commercial fence company in Jacksonville when they need a chain link fence installed because they want to define boundaries and provide additional security. The chain link fences installed for business owners tend to be significantly taller than what a homeowner would have installed. It is not uncommon for business owners to have barbed wire place on top of the chain link fence. Security gates are also commonly installed.


When compared to other types of fencing, installing chain link fencing is one of the cheapest options both homeowners and privacy fence company jacksonville FL business owners will find. Residential buyers can expect to pay anywhere from nine to twenty dollars per foot. The price tends to vary a little more for commercial buyers because they are more specific weight height and mesh needs.

When a chain link fence is installed properly, it can have a lifespan of roughly 30 years. If you hire professionals to install the fencing for you, you should keep in mind that labor usually costs between 15 and 30 percent of the total cost for the fencing. The best thing to do is get written estimates from a few different local fencing companies before having anything installed.