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Skin cancer

I'm afraid that I have a grim answer:

For me the sun causes skin cancer.

Is it sun and a gene?

But what does that mean?

Does sun act as genetic enhancer?

Janice H.
Laramie, Wyoming


The sun is quite literally our center of gravity;
A million miles across; ninety million miles away.
Without it, there'd be no solar system, just anarchy
And the planets would fly off and go their own way.
It`s the nucleus that binds us and keeps us together,
So we spin as one system, not as lone dust in space.

The sun is the center of living – life's engine room.
It has provided the energy to support life on our planet.
It gives light today so plants can maintain the air we breathe
And gave them light millions of years ago to store energy as carbon:
The fuel we burn today to feed our growing appetite for energy.
And now, technology helps it provide more energy in real time.

The sun is the center of time as we experience it:
The cause of our days; its temporary absence gives us night.
We rock towards and away from it, giving us seasons.
And we spin once around it to give us our years.
The sun is the origin of most of the external stimuli
Life uses for measurement of the passing of time.

The sun is the center of beauty: the source of most awe.
Either directly or indirectly, it provides light so we can see:
To experience such beauty as landscapes, sculptures and paintings;
Or a pretty girl (or handsome guy), a leopard or a butterfly.
It is also the author of awesome things of its own:
Like rainbow, northern lights, solar eclipse or blue sky.

For all of us, the sun is truly a superstar.

- Steve M.
Mound MN

The Sun and Vitiligo

The sun makes me sick. I have a skin condition known as vitiligo, which is similar to albinoism. You may have seen people of color with white splotches on their hands, arms, faces, etc. They, too, have vitiligo. There is no known cause; there are side effects. The white spots sunburn easily because they do not have pigment. We get headaches and upset stomachs and get really tired if we are out in the sun without protection too long.

I used to have pigmentless areas of skin, especially on the boney areas of my legs and arms. When I was in my early 20s, I got very badly sunburned and had third-degree burns on the exposed white spots. Within a year, I lost all my pigment, including any freckles I had. After that, the only time I had any pigment was when I was pregnant and had the boomerang mask of pregnancy on my face.

People with vitiligo have to protect ourselves from exposure to the sun; we cover up even on overcast days and in the winter because we can get sunburned from UV rays that are reflected from store windows, the snow, the sidewalks, etc.

In order to enjoy being outside, we have to wear sunscreen, hats, long sleeved shirts, gloves, and pants.
There is research being done into this condition at Howard University and elsewhere. I hope someday vitiligo will be history; for now, I am very careful to protect myself from too much sun exposure.

Thank you.


The Sun is a God

Sunrays in beautiful divergence spiral

The Sun God's creation of reflections and refractions

Creator of all shades, beauties and varying colors

Varied intensity on burning skins sublimed

Sweet Love of blue-eyed palest Siberian I explored

A brown skinned Jewish beauty taught me emotions are real

I fell in love and married a dark skinned country girl

Creations of firing Sun God of romance, love, and havoc

Now soaring in divergence shades of Lila remembrance

Ferrying me through worlds of sweet Lullabies

From unpublished collection Voices from Strange Shores

By Prince Massala Reffell © R&R Information Systems

An Artist and the Sun

When I ponder the sun - I consider such factors as:
The suns historical capacity to be a major driver of the flora and fauna ...of the diversity of possibilities of life as it exists today and in those life forms that are now extinct on our planet earth.
The sun is also capable as a result of the destabilization of the earths protective ozone layer - to change the suns nourishing qualities; to that of destroyer of life as we have appreciated - some how expected - here on earth.
Life in this disturbed state, means that the seasons which had here to marked the cadence of existence are no longer reliable. Whilst all systems that generate life appear to be unraveling... I think that the sun will continue to rise and set.
The moon will wax and wane.
Sun and moon remain constants.

As an artist, without the sun - I would not have such a rich and varied color palette with which to create works of art

- Dana K.W.

From Robert F & Family

As the first light we see each morning, the sun declares the tone for the day. It either greets us as it shines through the pines in the back yard saying "Good morning! It's going to be a beautiful day, so get your work done and then get outside to enjoy my warmth!" Or the sun might instead rise lazily and sit back behind the clouds murmuring "Hey, you should probably just go to work today... maybe we'll try again tomorrow."

But recently the sun said something totally new to our 2 year old as it peered in through his shutters early one morning. To him, it simply said, "Play me!"

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