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Brenda has been observing predicted and actual weather patterns for the last four years. Each day, she recorded the  1-day, 2-day, 3-day,  4-day, and "current conditions" weather forecasts for her area from two sources, in addition to making her own observations of the current weather. All in all, the data set includes a total of over 14,000 observations (between hers and the those of each weather network she monitored). 

Brenda writes: "I have to admit I didn't realize I've been so dedicated to this "project." I never knew what I would do with the data. It just became a habit of checking every day."

We did our best to graphically illustrate how accurate each weather source was at predicting current conditions relative to Brenda's observations, but there's even more data mining to be done! 

Fall '14: @scifri #autumn observations - acorns reaching out for the ground along the Gunpowder River in #Baltimore County #ScienceFriday #getoutside

Calvatia gigantea The spores of the giant puffball are created inside the fruiting body and can easily contain several trillion spores. #fungi #puffball #calvatia #observeeverything

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