The induction cooktop is commonly using as an alternative for the conventional cooking stove. They are a convenient cooking home appliance and very easy to use.Also, it is safe, efficient and cooks in a short time by saving time and effort. This article deals with the subject best induction cooktop for the money, to help the reader as a guide how to use the best induction cooktop.

Getting Started

Before you start working with your induction cooktop, clean the surface where the induction cooktop is going to be placed and remove any outside substances that may obstruct the comfortable use of the induction cooktop. Place usable cooking utensils in the exact point of the cooking zone and place it in such a way that the cooking pan shall stay close to the surface of the induction cooktop. The power light indicator will illuminate when the induction cooktop is on. The panel of the cooktop will have an array of preset instructions for easy cooking, timer, heat control, on and off switches, etc., are the main features of the best induction cooktop.

  • 1.Heating

As soon as the heating switch is engaged, the cooktop will start warming.The cooktop will not work if the cooking pan is not placed exactly in position on the surface of the cooktop.The indicator will show an error message if the pan is not placed in the right place.The heating take place by electromagnetic induction and that in turn heat the food.The induction cooktop shall be having heating regulators, which can be controlled by as per ascending or descending directions.Pre-set cooking options also can be used for easy cooking.

  • 2.Timer
  • The timer setting can be used to control the cooking time automatically.Once the timer setting is activated, the induction cooktop will automatically shut down.This is an ideal option for people who know the exact time required for cooking.Otherwise, it is advised use the pre-set heating options. The timer is a common feature seen in best induction cooktop.
  • 3.Lock

Most of the induction cooktop manufactured after 2009 are featured with lock system. This will protect the cooktop being accidently activated and the food getting spoiled. Find more about induction cooktop

Quick guide for using the best induction cooktop:

  • 1.Never heat an unfilled cookware. This can harm both the cookware and the induction cooktop.
  • 2.Remember to turn off cooktop after use. The ventilator will be keeping on working if the induction cooktop is not switched off.
  • 3.Keep the unit far away from the gas stove or other heating equipment; otherwise the unit will get damaged.
  • 4.Make sure the induction cooktop is clean and there is no moisture on the surface.
  • 5.Use preset heating options for boiling water or milk.This can prevent the water/milk from boiling out.
  • 6.Use only magnetic conductor metals with a flat bottom surface that can exactly cover the cooktop surface.
  • 7.Place the cooking pan, exactly on the cooktop surface.

Important safety instructions

This best induction cooktop guide will help you understand some important tips how to use the induction cooktop efficiently.Beware of always; all appliances working with electrical power must be handled carefully. No repairing shall be carried out while the plug is on or without any safety gloves.Use only the required heat for a perfect cooking. Also clean and maintain the induction cooktop for best performance.