When a repeat customer walks through the door of your retail establishment, can you greet him by name? Do you know what brands she likes? While you probably can't write a biography on each of your retail customers, you'll reap tremendous rewards if you make the effort to recognize and appreciate them.

1. You'll make suggestions when a customer can't find what he wants.

No retailer wants a customer to leave their store dissatisfied. When you know your customers, you can make suggestions to ensure they never walk out empty-handed.

This is why an increasing number of retailers are collecting data from customers at point-of-sale. This might include names, addresses, phone numbers, and other information that gets stored in a database for future use.

2. You'll restock inventory based on statistical and anecdotal experience.

Pursuing Salesforce Certification through sites like SimpliLearn can have a major impact on revenue. Using statistical data based on sales as well as anecdotal observations from employees, you'll learn which inventory needs to be restocked.

When you stock your shelves with inventory that doesn't interest your customers, you not only wind up with draining assets, but you lose shelf space that could have been used for inventory that actually moves.

3. You'll provide customers with a pleasant experience in your store.

You want your customers to walk out of your retail store and think, "I can't wait to come back!" While this is an impossible goal to achieve 100 percent of the time, it should be your benchmark for retail success.

Once you know your customers, you can tailor their shopping experiences based on their personalities and preferences. This enhances store loyalty and improves future performance.

4. You'll make the shopping experience faster.

When you're competing with online retailers, you have to make every sale as efficient as possible. Customers want to walk in, find what they need, and check out in the shortest possible period of time.

Obtaining Salesforce Certification and analyzing your customers' habits will enable you to reach this goal. You'll be able to steer every visit toward a fast and profitable resolution.

How do you get to know your retail customers?

There are numerous tools at your disposal to help you learn about your customers. 

Salesforce Developer Training is one positive step toward harnessing the power of technology in customer relations.

The personal element is also invaluable. Spend time with your customers to learn what they need, then apply your observations to your sales pitch and customer service strategies.