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Questions and Answers (FAQ)

I've seen a lot of questions online, so I've started to put together what I hope will the be the most comprehensive and helpful FAQ about the wholesaler/drop-shipper/supplier directories I've researched - namely Salehoo and Worldwide Brands. It's a work in progress, so if you have any questions that I've missed, please leave a comment below and I'll try my best to answer it as fast as I can.

**** Please note I've written a Salehoo vs Worldwide Brands review above, which covers many questions. ****

What is Worldwide Brands?

Worldwide Brands is one of the largest directories of wholesalers and dropshippers online - there are over two million products listed from about 8,000 suppliers.

It's the only directory that's certified by eBay and before adding a supplier to their database they fully research them, including visiting the supplier's warehouse, and offer a guarantee that there are no scam suppliers.

I've written a comparison of Worldwide Brands and Salehoo above if you are interested in a more in depth analysis.

What is Salehoo?

It's also is a directory of wholesalers, drop shippers and liquidators. It's members only and all the suppliers listed have been screened by to prevent scams getting into the directory.

It's useful for self employed people, business owners, re-sellers, etc. looking for a searchable (by product, category, name, etc.) database of low priced wholesalers. There are a number of tools to help finding the right supplier, I've written more about this here in my review of Salehoo above.

How many wholesalers are included in their directories?

As of 2016 there are currently about 8,000 wholesalers, drop shippers and liquidators in both Worldwide Brands and Salehoo's databases. They are a similar size and there will be some suppliers that are listed in both.

Are there any drop shipping spellers listed in Salehoo and Worldwide Brands as well?

Sale hoo is a directory of wholesalers, liquidators and drop-shippers and so is WWB. There are many suppliers that offer drop-shipping and although some wholesalers have minimum orders there are also a lot who don't or that have very low minimums (under 5 units, many minimums are only 1 unit).

Doba, another similar service, lists dropshippers only.

How suppliers many are there in each country - e.h. the UK, USA, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, etc?

Salehoo is based in New Zealand and it has an international base of suppliers, many in the US.

WWB is based in Florida and has targets both the US and other countries when adding suppliers.

In short, they both have suppliers from the US and other countries.

I'm new to selling online. Which is best - Salehoo or Worldwide Brands?

Salehoo is cheaper to join initially, at $67 a year, although you have to pay every year that you are a member so it can work out more expensive in the long term. Worldwide Brands is more expensive initially, at nearly $300, but that's for lifetime membership and there are no additional fees.

Both are leading wholesaler and dropshipper directories and both are fully legitimate and easy to use. They both have a similar number of suppliers, although many will be different.

Salehoo 'screens' suppliers before adding them to their database, and worldwide brands offer a guarantee that there are only fully legitimate suppliers in their list and are the only directory to be certified by eBay.
There are also video (and written) tutorials all about how to set up an online retail business in both.
I've written more about them both in my review of worldwide brands and salehoo here.

Are they all safe to buy from?

Salehoo screens suppliers to prevent scammers getting into the database. Worldwide brands research every supplier in depth and visit their facility, place test orders, etc. and guarantee the trustworthiness of all their suppliers.

In addition to this there is a rating system on both (like on eBay) for each supplier, so if you are worried about scams then you can just trade with suppliers who have good customer feedback.

How much does Sale Hoo cost compared to worldwide brands?

Salehoo membership comes with an annual fee of $67. For this you get full access to the wholesaler/dropshipper database, market research tools, forums, support and tutorials.

World Wide Brands costs just under $300 for a lifetime membership.

Is there a monthly fee for either?

No - $67 is the annul fee for SH and $299 is the lifetime membership fee for WWB.

There are no monthly membership fees for access to the directory. You can also cancel either at any time - there is no long-term contract.

What's included for the membership fee?

Access to the whole (regularly updated) database of suppliers, access to the members forum, tutorial series and customer support is included in both. I've written more about this in my review here.

Is there a refund policy?

Yes - you can request a refund for any reason within the first 60 days after purchasing for both.

Are there any free trials?

Not currently, but with a 60 day money back guarantee you can join and if you're not satisfied get your money back at any point in the first two months.

Are the prices low enough to re-sell online, or on eBay?

In many cases yes - but it depends on the product and supplier. There are a lot of profitable items that you can buy through the SH directory and sell online, even on eBay. Some products, e.g. electronics, will be competitive though so you may need to negotiate with the supplier more to get a lower price (can be done) or if you are looking for larger margins, pick a less competitive niche.

Salehoo is part of the eBay developers program, and Worldwide Brands is the only directory to be certified by eBay - it's also founded by a guy who is a successful author writing books about how to make money on eBay.

Are the Salehoo and WWB directories useful for offline business too?

Yes of course! It all depends on the product, but the directory is extensive. The margins may even be much higher when selling offline.

Do I need a Tax ID?

No - both are directories that connect you to sellers and do not require a business name or tax ID to use. Many of the people who buy through Salehoo and WWB are small/self-employed people selling online.

If these directories are so popular, won't all the profitable nice be saturated?

Some will be competitive, especially popular line like electronics and computer games on eBay, but there are over 8,000 suppliers in each directory, each selling hundreds or even thousands of products - so there are still opportunities to make a profit re-selling goods online or offline.

How established are Sale Hoo and Worldwide Brands?

Salehoo was founded in New Zealand in 2005 - over 10 years ago - and Worldwide Brands has been around even longer, from 1999. I have worked as an affiliate for both at different times.

Are there any alternatives to Salehoo?

Yes - their main competitor is WorldWide Brands, which has a slightly larger database but costs such more to join (over $200 more). It is also a good directory as well though.

Are there any alternatives to Worldwide Brands?

Yes - WWB's main competitor is Salehoo, which is cheaper to join initially but comes with an annual fee instead of one fee for lifetime membership.

Are there any other alternatives?

Doba is other leading service, and it's very good for dropshippers, but it only lists these - no wholesalers.

Would you recommend joining Salehoo or Worldwide Brands?

Both Salehoo and World Wide Brands are good quality databases of suppliers that provide a good service. Please read my review and comparison of both for more detail.

Ebay, Etsy and Selling Online

The web has offered a much broader customer base than they might have had the opportunity to access through conventional retailing to many companies. Now it's not impossible for someone specialising to sell into a lover of English vintage in south Melbourne.

Markets like Etsy and eBay offer an outlet for sellers of market goods including handicrafts, classic curios and spare parts for mechanical and electronic devices to a global audience.

While many shops are not large, there's also great possibility of increase.

Among the primary choices for an internet seller is which platform to work with. Etsy and eBay are well-recognized on-line markets but there are now many more to pick from.

High-end stuff are sold by some website - it's significant to be someplace where most of these products are aimed in a marketplace that is similar.

Layout can also be a concern for future retailers that are online.

Etsy has a home made feel. The design of a web-based market is essential.

One online retailer that has made BigCartel a house because of his company is Johnny. He chose to use BigCartel when he turned his hobby of making sports-related prints right into a company.

He was brought to the site because, unlike another on-line markets and eBay, there is no contract and no commission, only a monthly subscription, that has been waived if you sold fewer than six products per month.

His company has developed but he's not unhappy with his selection of the US-based platform. Itis a small business but a service that is very private.

Johnny says that getting products onto markets that are on-line is the simple touch. Driving visitors to your own store is the part that is most difficult. That is what I've not found easy.

It is a typical issue for companies with a great number of online shops to pick from and each one has a unique remedy.

Like upgrading your copy simple things make a huge impact in regards to converting views.

Luckily there are lots of resources that online retailers may use to improve their visibility, including ones supplied by the platforms themselves.

It is like having my own booth in the market - I look like a web-based variant of this on Etsy.

Along with this highway of marketing products, to get a fee your product will be featured by many on-line markets on the website.

She says that the newsgroups of Etsy enables sellers to develop supportive communities of like minded enthusiasts who give guidance and each other comments and market each others' work.

Nevertheless, many on-line sellers are choosing for social networking services that are free to get out the message about their shop.

Individuals can then examine your products and effects along with your thoughts. It shows your dedication to your own organization.

Finding an item to your customer is also significant and a few sellers, including Raine Marcus, is only going to offer signed and monitored -for delivery to safeguard themselves in case a dispute having a buyer appears.

Marcus includes that it's crucial that you be alert to exclusions, which commonly contain glass breakages, although insurance is frequently accessible through delivery services for breakage.

One more matter to consider is returns.

Many say that customers reassure. Great communication is significant.

They've supplied an easy means for individuals to take up a retail business at house while you can find a lot of items to consider when setting up an online store.

Descriptions of products can also be vital in regards to selling things online. Many specialists acknowledge that it's usually not easy to sell clothing online especially when it involves high-end products.

It's extremely important that my customers find the goods and feel the leather. You require a comprehensive description at any time you present your goods. A description about which particular leather we use is included by ours. That helps us clarify our products.

Raine Marcus, who sells antiques on eBay and Etsy through her Radar Classic store, says that descriptions and great graphics are essential, especially as it pertains to selling antiques where state is all important.

Mention any defects ahead of time and contain pictures that are great. Etsy gives you five images that are free and eBay up to be sure to have a minumum of one close up and you ought to shoot a couple of photographs of those, if there are any defects.

While some charge a monthly fee, some websites choose a percentage.

Evans have altered everything for creatives and says on-line platforms. It's opened up many great opportunities to those who otherwise wouldn't have pursued their fantasies.

Salehoo Reviews: Notes and Comments

First posted on 21st April 2017

Please click here for the main salehoo review - this post is just notes.

The item selection at Salehoo is large at ove r8,000 suppliers and one and a half million products listed. Salehoo has come to be among the most popular wholesale directories on the internet thanks to every one of the features that it offers. Salehoo connects clients straight to the site of the specific supplier they prefer. It will walk you get through the practice of preparing your organization. SaleHoo, continues among the most common wholesale directories and hottest dropship sources on the web. So, simply speaking, Salehoo is loved by many on account of the simple fact that it's rather helpful and resourceful. It's is a great place to discover all the suppliers and company strategies you should generate income!

From the testimonial of thousands of consumers, it's certain that Salehoo a good source of wholesalers and dropshippers. SaleHoo have an immense directory you may use to locate a wholesaler, drop shipper or manufacturer for just about any product you can imagine. Their directory has a well-organized site which contains many distinctive and easy-to-use capabilities. It provides a massive directory of distinct suppliers. SaleHoo is the easiest means for anybody to construct an actual work at home business. And is an excellent location for anybody who is seeking reliable wholesale distributors. Salehoo also is for all those who aren't seeking to be a millionaire over night meaning you will have to place up some work to accomplish your goal.

* Please read my review of salehoo above for more detail, instead of this article *

SaleHoo is good if you're just beginning and don't need to risk losing money. It is an established company and a lot of members report considerable profits and fantastic experiences. And is an internet resource that provides the chance to come across reputable wholesale sources for just about anything, and in addition, they provide training for making your internet business and just a turnkey ecommerce solution for people who want to construct an internet shop. On top of that, SaleHoo carries the so you know that you are going to be receiving the best high quality service and trusted information each time. Salehoo is one of the especially to people who are still starting their web business.

Sourcing your products though SaleHoo will make finding reliable suppliers easy.

You're going to get the membership of SaleHoo which makes much simpler to earn more money selling online. Members will also have the ability to take part in forums with different retailers who use SaleHoo for advice, advice, and know-how. When you grow to be an official member, you might have an accessibility to its services and advantages.

Create Your Own Weight Loss Program With The support Of Solid Suggestions losing Weight is not as difficult as you are perhaps thinking. While the fundamental training which comes with Salehoo is extremely good, you may want to find out more. The Salehoo on-line Selling Tactics course is great for the newbie who doesn't know the best places to get started.

You may read more on the topic of wholesale fair trade clothing below. You should know what things to sell, the best way to sell it, how to construct a store, and most of all, how and where to locate products to sell from trustworthy sources that could sell to you at a price which allows you to earn money. Salehoo Stores probably gives the simplest, fastest way to construct a functioning retail Website I've ever seen.

There's no need to shell out thousands of dollars to obtain wholesale goods in advance, and you simply pay for merchandise which you have already sold. Bulk orders provide a greater profit margin but many people are not able to afford these, particularly if you're just beginning. Buying the yearly membership fee has a 60-day money back guarantee when you grow to be a member of Salehoo through its official website. Figure out if Salehoo is well worth the cost of joining, and in the event you can be significant money off of it or not.

You may get started listing products and making sales at the moment. There are in fact three distinct products that Salehoo. SaleHoo's suppliers are extremely comprehensive and you may make a great deal of money off of them. If, for instance, you wished to look for drop-shipping businesses that offered overnight shipping you would need to read the reviews of each one of the power-sellers to be able to know which ones provide this. In the event that you were new to the company, you wouldn't find it difficult to start. A service like SaleHoo removes each one of the danger of the seller as it doesn't include things like illegitimate companies in their wholesale directory. Inside this bit of writing you are going to be able to learn the way you can get the best wholesale providers and the way they can help you to earn cash on the web.

Please note that this post is just notes, I have written a full salehoo review on this blog above - as well as a Q&A post.

Selling on eBay - A Quick Guide to Start

Countless people are struggling to make ends meet as the credit crunch tightens its grip, but many can have goods worth hundreds of lbs overlooked in their own garrets which are simple to market on the web.

According the auction website eBay, the "crap" in an average attic may be sold for over $400 and our case-study reveals how one-man who'd to go house raised more than $2,000.To create marketing even easier, eBay a week ago announced new prices for informal retailers, making it free to list products in the traditional e-bay auction -style format with a beginning cost of around 99c.

There's a level 10pc "final value payment" when the item sells, but when it doesn't promote, there isn't any payment in the slightest. Richard, a spokesperson from eBay, stated: "As household finances become increasingly expanded, folks are opening-up new revenue streams by selling on unwanted resources. The concept is simple: should you not love it, then cash it in.

"A quick browse around around your garage or loft could discover several possibilities, although occasionally the toughest part of trying to sell is simply knowing what to sell. As an example, something of women's clothing sells on eBay every three seconds, for an average, for a typical price of $10, while every 10 seconds are sold by a set of women's sneakers of $13.

You could also cash because one is offered every 16 seconds for the average selling price of practically $40 in that outdated mobile phone that's been setting fresh in a drawer for weeks.With money to be made, why not spring clean your house and rake in the cash at once? We have assembled a beginners' guide to earning money on eBay, so if you are able to turn your junk into treasure, read on.

The best way to Become a Seller

To begin selling on eBay, you will need to enroll and develop a seller's account. Go to the eBay site and then select the link marked "Create an Account" and put in your details. For confirmation purposes, you will be requested to offer credit or debit card details and bank account information.


Before you put something for selling, keep in mind that preparation is essential - make sure you do your research and be realistic.To get a notion of how much you can expect to offer your item for also to discover how additional vendors have offered similar things, check eBay's "Completed Items" research.This really is an easy way of gaining great insight into how to compose a listing that is successful so that you can get the top price possible.

Question it - Assess It!

There certainly are a number of items which are prohibited from sale on eBay. By way of example, train and seats, alcohol and tobacco goods are prohibited from being sold on the website. Make sure to double-check you might be allowed to listing something ahead, or you also may locate your accounts closed.

Selected a Superb Selling Format

There are just two methods to sell your stuff, both via an auction-style listing or in a fixed-price with "Buy It Today". For beginners, the auction is usually the way as with the fixed-price option you will need opinions from a minimum of 10 sales in order to checklist, to go.It is now free to begin your auction-style listing at 99p and keep in mind the lower you begin the bidding, the much more likely you are to sell your item.Another phase would be to decide the length of your listing. You'll be able to list things for around 10 times.Several sellers list their items for seven days, as a way to include a weekend as Sunday nights are the busiest for buyers, to catch weekend buyers.

Develop a Listing

To increase the number of potential bidders, compose a descriptive title using all applicable keywords to describe your thing. Imagine you are the purchaser - What tips would they enter to find your listing?Your explanation needs to offer buyers with all the advice they need on particulars like age, trading name and state.Honesty is definitely the best policy here as should information is withheld by you or wrongly promote, you could possibly run into difficulties that are major after.

Take a Photograph

Buyers like to see what they may be getting, as well as the better-quality picture, the much more likely you might be to produce a sale. Be sure it displays all the features and highlights any flaws.The most easy way to do this really is by using a camera that is digital. However, for those who are in possession of a traditional camera, make use of a scanner to save them in a format that is digital. Instead, many picture processing services now offer this support. You'll be able to save these pictures on your own personal computer, to help you locate them later when you begin to listing, naming them clearly.

Getting Paid

You need to select how you want to to accept payment, for example cheque, postal order, charge card, before you make an inventory. Buyers want a way that is secure and easy so contemplate accepting an online transaction system like PayPal, to cover.PayPal is a secure online payment method, which permits you to pay or get paid immediately and simply without sharing any of your information that is financial.Vendors pay up to 3.4pc plus 20c per-transaction, so the price is minimum and the more you sell, the more you can conserve.As a vendor, when you get paid with PayPal, the money are sent immediately to your PayPal account. After that you can either get the quantity to your bank account, or use it to purchase other things straight from your PayPal balance.Another benefit of utilizing PayPal is their seller protection policy, which covers you against unauthorised obligations, claims, charge-backs and reversals.

Shipping Your Goods

Make sure you include all shipping and packaging cost in the listing - buyers wish to know precisely what they're going to be paying on your item. It is worth investing in some scales, so packaging prices can be priced by you correctly. The post-office web site has a dedicated part for eBay consumers which gives prices that are postal and sells packaging.Make sure you include the relevant international postage costs all, in case you are ready to ship globally.Be honest with your shipping and packaging costs and do not attempt to earn money on them - this can cost you a deal.

Choosing a Product

Most people sell physical products on eBay, and that is a very successful strategy - it is indeed what most people go to eBay looking for. There are relatively few people who sell downloadable products like ebooks (an example would be the weight loss guide, The Truth about Cellulite, for example) but they can be successful too.

Finalizing the Sale

To record your items on sale, use the web tool "MyeBay". This really is especially beneficial if you are selling and bidding on a few products or if you do have more than one item available.After the listing ends, now is the the right time to get hold of the client get delivery details and to arrange payment.But remember, just once payment has been obtained by you post them.Once the sale is complete, leave comments for your own buyer and support them to do exactly the same for you.

Keep Going No Matter What

Do not despair in case your products fail to market immediately. It charges nothing to take to again - although it could pay to take a look at your list again and consider why it didn't sell. Possibly pictures that are fresh will help.

Ebay Powersellers - What does that mean?

Please note - I offer a guide to becoming a powerseller on eBay as a bonus for those who buy Salehoo through one of the links in my review above.

Offering on eBay is far easier than virtually every other organizations. A simple yet extremely powerful way of upping your eBay sales is always to sell on eBay internationally. To get this done, it's necessary for you to optimize your eBay auction. Then maybe you should look at selling products on eBay.

You may Be The following Big Powerseller On Ebay, With Their most recent Policy Changes. Ebay Scams To look Out For! Now there isn't anything wrong with this specific method. Like a coin almost each facet of life got two sides.

Internet businesses are becoming quite a popular way of generating money. Another of the key ones is advertising. A lot of people do not think about the length of the wire.

If you're, you're definitely not alone, as eBay is among the most well-known on-line marketplaces. Items listed in eBay stores don't show up when folks are regular product searches. Sales fragile items find it impossible to be an excellent choice. A great buyer feedback earns loyal clients and much more business.

In case you are, you likely already know the significance of having pictures within your eBay listings. In any event, they're going to bring in several resell value on ebay. It's intimidating knowing the best way to pick an region in which to sell since there are just such a wide variety of possibilities.

If you really would want to acquire more website visitors, you could be pondering two new products which will be able to help you. When setting up your own autoresponder the most essential item is your list. You first must make a decision as to what company you are going to be using for your own autoresponder. For one expect your feedback rating to raise in positivity consistently if you would keep up your own high degree of customer support.

There are a number of possibilities which could allow you to retain your clients, creating your life much easier. Definitely, there are only a few ways which you can display your items to your own potential clients and give them a very good many photos can aid your business grow. That's the reason it's essential to do regular marketplace research that will help you keep your eBay store in the forefront of your own market area, bringing a lot of profit back to you personally. Building trust is crucial to any business, so make sure to present your customers too.

Success on eBay

There are various individuals which have seen some success on eBay merely by finding the least expensive items that they'll buy, and selling them on for a gain. So it is possible to discover inspiration regarding the top selling items on eBay 2010 by what exactly is selling well in your neighborhood town or city. Thus it is also crucially vital that you identify the top niches to sell, and the most effective products within those niches. People may currently be surveillant on their very own without needing to employ a private investigator and, according to a eBay powerseller, folks are taking advantage of that as much as they're able to.

The important thing is to discover a balance between the total amount of competition and the quantity of people looking for the item in question. However on the net it is highly advisable to assist your description fulfill your needs exactly. In searching round the website you also need to begin to develop an awareness of other competition that might be faced within one definite region of the market. However you have to be mindful of scam artists who'll strive to take advantage of you through assorted kinds of fraud.

In case you are interested to produce your eBay getting and selling to the following level, here are a few suggestions to assist you build a profitable eBay business. However, if you like to bring a profitable eBay company, you might want to look at a steady supply and volume of items you would like to sell online. There are plenty of countries you may sell on eBay to. The issue is understanding how to get the very best eBay niche to sell in, naturally.

With that specific kind of rivalry, its crucially significant to really go past the competition so as to get end users to note your individual listings with the purpose to earn money from eBay. You're going to be able enough to see your own monthly sales according to every category in which your items are listed, together with how you're succeeding amongst rival sellers inside the same niche industry. It also needs to be taken under consideration when selecting the products that you would like to sell online. Not only can this sample let you tell whether the product is of the superior quality, however you will further be able to list your samples on eBay to observe how well they sell. As soon as you've added the additional information to your own listings then eBay users in other nations will have the ability to observe your items on their particular eBay site. Develop a catchy name, provide excellent customer care and you may be certain that your buyers will return to you personally because they are going to remember where to look.

Where do eBay Powersellers get their stock from?

There are a huge number of wholesalers and dropshippers in the United States and around the world. Directories like Salehoo, Doba and Worldwide Brands are among the most popular and the highest rated. Salehoo is initially the cheapest to join, and also one of the largest - Salehoo has over 8,00 suppliers and millions of products listed. Worldwide Brands is a similar size and Doba specialises in dropshippers only, but does it very. Both WWB and Salehoo list wholesalers and dropshipper.

My Salehoo and Worldwide Brands review is a few posts above this article - check it out here if you're interested!

Salehoo Review - Is it Worth $67?

If you've been looking for wholesalers or dropshippers online, or are building a reselling business on Amazon or eBay, then you've probably heard about Salehoo. Sometimes referred to by eBay resellers as their 'secret weapon', Salehoo is a searchable directory verified wholesalers, dropshippers, manufacturers and liquidators - with over 8,000 suppliers in 100 countries and 100,000+ registered members. Click here to search for suppliers on their preview site.

But why is it so popular? And could it be useful to you? I hope to answer these questions (especially the second one which is key) in this review.

What is Salehoo?

First of all - what do you get for $67 (the current membership fee)?

  • Lifetime full access to the directory - where you can search for verified wholesalers, dropshippers, etc. by product category or by product name (click here to preview the search).
  • There are over 8,000 suppliers with about 1.6 million products available on the site at any one time.
  • Access to community forums (over 100,000 active members).
  • Market research tools - highlights the best selling and most profitable niches and products - this really is worth a closer look, click here to see more detail.
  • Training and guides - there are a lot of guides (written and video) for those looking for how to find low priced products, research a good supplier, sell on ebay at a profit, etc.
  • Blog - with weekly tips on high profit and popular items to sell
  • Customer support - email and telephone (freephone) support, which includes advice on what to sell and help finding suppliers of the product you're looking for (they will do the research for you if you ask). They will even do more background research into a supplier if you ask.

At this point, it's probably worth a comparison - WorldWide Brands (another similar directory) costs just under $300 for a lifetime subscription (WWB has more suppliers listed though) and Doba (lists drop-shippers only) is $49.95 a month. So Salehoo has a low entry cost and is pretty good value.

What's Good About Salehoo?

Price - Salehoo is very good value compared to it's competitors. The Salehoo directory is just as big and includes many of the same suppliers as similar directories. The $67 fee (which comes with a 60-day money back guarantee) is for lifetime full membership - so there are no monthly fees either.

Size - Salehoo has over 8,000 different wholesalers, manufacturers, dropshippers and liquidators listed (all verified to weed out scams). These suppliers have on offer about 1,600,000 products - which you can search for and compare using the Salehoo members area.

Easy to use - You can search by product category or product name. You can also contact suppliers directly through the member's area. Compare products from different suppliers - compare price, delivery options, etc' all at once. Click here to preview Salehoo's database.

Market Research 'Lab' - great if you are stuck for ideas or looking for the most profitable niches and products to sell. Here is a screenshot of some of the options you can research:

Guides and Tutorials - includes guides on what sells best on eBay, beginner eBay sellers guide, how to find the best dropshippers, how to get buyers/traffic to your listings/store, etc.

Support - both email and telephone (freephone 800 number) support is available to all members. Here are some of the things I've got Salehoo staff to do for me:

  • Find suppliers when I was stuck
  • Dig deeper into suppliers I hadn't used before - finding out more about them so I wasn't worried about buying from them
  • Helped me with a complaint about a supplier who over-charged me for delivery really fast

Suppliers are verified - all wholesalers, dropshippers, manufacturers and liquidators are screened and reviewed by Salehoo. There are also reviews from other users who have used them - like on eBay.

Click here for more information about Salehoo

Are There Any Bad Points?

There are certainly some things Salehoo lacks. Don't get me wrong, Salehoo is an extensive and easy to use directory of high quality and low priced suppliers from around the world - it's good value and very useful for someone looking to buy items cheap and resell them.

There are some drawbacks though.

  • There are more extensive wholesaler directories out there - WorldWide Brands is an example (they have about 16 million products listed compared to Salehoo's 1.6+ million). WWB costs more to join though - at almost $300 (one time lifetime subscription). A recently published Worldwide Brands review will have the most up to date comparison, or my review above.
  • Not all suppliers will offer products cheap enough to resell on eBay for a profit - I've noticed at times when eBay will have an item listed for less than the wholesalers on a directory like WWB or Salehoo, but that's rare. This isn't the case for the majority of products though - Salehoo's core users are eBay re-sellers, so there are a lot of products that will you can buy from Salehoo suppliers and sell online at a profit - just don't expect everything to be cheaper (it takes some research to find a good deal)
  • Most suppliers in these directories are in the USA - about 70% of them. While there are suppliers in over 100 countries, over 90% are in either the USA, Britain, Canada, Australia or New Zealand.
  • Most of the training is aimed at those who want to sell online - on sites like Amazon or eBay. This is fine if this is your aim, but there are not many guides to selling offline.

Salehoo Review - In Conclusion

Salehoo is a good buy for someone who is looking for a large number of verified whole or dropshipping suppliers - their database is extensive and easy to find what you're looking for, . Also, compared to what else is available a one off price of $67 is very good value (as long as you can afford it).

What is Salehoo?

Salehoo directory offers access to 8000+ suppliers - dropshippers, wholesalers, liquidators, manufactures from a number of countries and continents - USA, UK, Canada, Asia, Australia… a lot of those suppliers will ship worldwide. The costs you will see on web sites of Salehoo suppliers aren't real wholesale prices, if you need actual wholesale prices you must contact them by e-mail or telephone to get those offers and purchase in bulk.

All suppliers in SaleHoo's directory are verified by SaleHoo to be respectable suppliers. He created this drop shipping firm because he is interested in helping online sellers or marketers in finding some legitimate suppliers so that they can sell their products at a wholesale price.

That being stated I remember coming across some Salehoo overview on a discussion board where a person thought of Salehoo a rip-off" because they record suppliers that you can mainly find on Google. The initial individual presentation of the suppliers on Salehoo includes, among others, the place are they based, worldwide promoting availability, minimum quantity obtainable to buy, the provider type, should you want a reseller /Tax ID or not, how many years they have been around and how many on Salehoo's directory.

With the SaleHoo Market Research Lab, which comes free with the SaleHoo directory, sellers can discover hot merchandise with large profit potential easily, on the touch of a button. This basically implies that with Salehoo, anyone that wishes to promote objects on-line with out stock can use it to search for sellers and products according to their niche.

Sometimes people think that Salehoo is responsible for the products that they buy from the businesses listed within the Salehoo listing, but once more, this isn't the case. It is currently the most important wholesale drop ship directory firm that is specifically designed for individuals who sell things on-line particularly eBay sellers.

If you search for a supplier and once you are in the supplier's information page, you will see the Products and the brands that the supplier stocks. If you click on any company name, you will go to a page showing the information submitted by that supplier, such as products, brands, supplier type, contact details, order requirements, shipping, and other useful information.

You need to find a wholesale supplier to sell you the goods at wholesale prices. Salehoo is a service that will help you find products to sell at wholesale prices on either Amazon, eBay or your own website.

Suppliers are verified - all wholesalers, drop shippers, manufacturers and liquidators are screened and reviewed by Salehoo. Easy to use — The SaleHoo directory is easy to use with a search box to find the products, wholesalers, manufacturers, dropshippers, etc.

More notes about Salehoo - the wholesaler, dropshipper and liquidator directory.

For people who are merely starting, SaleHoo provides no cost training on marketing methods, profit margins, marketing strategies and other practical topics. SaleHoo allows many on-line sellers to deal with their small business more conveniently by providing helpful small business hints and advices. To start with, SaleHoo delivers wide number of wholesale products to their clients for them to select the niche of the wholesale products they would like to sell. With their significant standard in accepting membership in their website, SaleHoo can provide you with the assurance you will deal or transact only with premium quality dropship suppliers.

SaleHoo isn't the only place to come across products to resell online. SaleHoo is undoubtedly one of the strongest tactics to reach potential clients. SaleHoo is one of the popular online resources. What's more, SaleHoo doesn't only cater to the demands of online sellers. SaleHoo also assists newbies to find out more in regards to the company in the web. SaleHoo provides the most significant listing of reliable businesses on the Internet today. Salehoo is among the most well-known websites offering wholesale directory listings to internet sellers.

SaleHoo is an ecommerce company that gives many diverse services to aid you in your organization. Salehoo is likewise not only an ordinary wholesale directory. As an internet small business resource, SaleHoo has a database of several different sorts of businesses.

You can rely on SaleHoo to learn your right wholesaler. SaleHoo also aids in promoting your products to customers. Joining SaleHoo will let you look and select unique items which you wish to have in your company venture.

SaleHoo can supply you with a wide collection of wholesale drop shippers offering wholesale computer products at low rates. Salehoo also provides a money-back guarantee. SaleHoo is truly an enterprise technique which will cause you to become successful in your company. In addition to this, SaleHoo has a countless collection of different perks to provide their members. SaleHoo for sure is a massive aid to create your internet business a success. SaleHoo is a major wholesale directory which allows you to come across discounted clothing and accessories for your organization.

SaleHoo isn't a wholesale distributor which some individuals think at first. SaleHoo is among those many sites which gives a database of wholesalers. As a wholesale directory, Salehoo gives its members the opportunity to have an accessibility to a broader spectrum of items to choose from. SaleHoo also has a feedback system which members use to be able to share their experiences about the suppliers. SaleHoo is a huge tool for virtually any business owner to conduct business conveniently and make profit too. SaleHoo is an extensive e-commerce site that lists legitimate wholesale dropshipping companies, their contact info and the entire collection of available products for each supplier.

SaleHoo's wholesale directory is a great supply of wholesale dropshippers who focus on petite clothes for ladies. It is best to join an internet directory such as SaleHoo. Next, you may enjoy each one of the things that this online wholesale directory offers. SaleHoo is good if you're just beginning and don't wish to risk losing money. Salehoo is likewise not only an ordinary wholesale directory. SaleHoo provides a massive selection of items from a number of categories. First of all, SaleHoo is quite a transparent business. SaleHoo provides you a 60-day money-back guarantee. SaleHoo offers you the very best tools you must leverage your company. This is precisely why joining SaleHoo is vital for your company.

If you're just beginning with your company, you could be confused with the mixed Salehoo reviews out there. Without supplies and superior suppliers, your organization will be in jeopardy. All prosperous business needs to have a program. Should you really wish to start an internet business and actually observe some very good benefits, then you ought to begin with SaleHoo. To be able to benefit from such opportunities and to respond to them in a fast manner, they require an extensive small business solution. In case you are starting or wanting to initiate a drop shipping company, then you can't ignore the type of premium service SaleHoo offers in this region. A great deal of these wholesale businesses are horrible at SEO or attempting to doing whatever would help them get found in the various search engines.

Finding products to sell online and deciding on the best suppliers isn't as simple as it once was. For the wholesale method, you will need to get the products in bulk for wholesale pricing. It is also dependent on on the way you would like to purchase products (wholesale or drop-shipping).

Salehoo - Common Questions

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