Choosing a mattress today can be confusing as advertisements claim that each type is best for restful sleep, back pain, and comfort. The truth is that this is no conclusive evidence that favors one type of mattress over another. It basically comes down to personal preferences and proper support for each individual. A mattress that is hard as a table, for example, may work wonders for one person, and cause another person to wake up with terrible pain and stiffness. There are things to look for in a mattress that can help someone make a smart purchase.

A mattress has to be durable and long lasting to be worth the purchase price. Many mattresses start off with great support, but start to sag or weaken after a couple of years. A saatva mattress has a tempered steel base support at its core. These lower coils provide durability and prevent sagging for ten to fifteen years. Consistent support means back pain can be managed for years into the future. The top section has individually wrapped coils to contour to every body shape and size. It also eliminates most motion transfer, so it is perfect for couples with different sleep needs. A dual perimeter edge support layer is wrapped around the coils to prevent the edges from sagging and provide more sleep surface.

To ensure that the quality of the support remains throughout the life of the mattress, a patented "Spinal Zone" technology is used. The center third portion of the mattress has active wire support to distribute weight evenly. This reduces stiffness and back pain by lessening pressure points. A memory foam layer is added for lumbar support enhancement that further reduces stress and tension of the lower back. Sleepers are able to shift positions and still remain completely supported. The top layer is a euro pillow top with more cushioning than most average pillow tops.

The mattress is available in five sizes and three comfort levels. Sizes include twin, twin XL, full, queen, king, and California king. The softest comfort level is called Plush Soft, and has minimal support. The next level, the Luxury Firm, is a soft mattress with moderate to firm support. It is the one in most demand by customers. The Firm level offers more firm support, but is not considered a hard mattress.