Let your skin's organic beauty shine through with ZENMED Skin Care's vegan products that treat acne, rosacea, aging signs, and eczema with out harsh chemical substances.

ZENMED Oil-Free Day Lotion ($24.95 for 2.5 oz. ) is described as a water-primarily based, lightweight moisture lotion" developed for oily to mixture skin types. It consists of micro-mattifying agents" to assist control oil levels whilst supplying healing moisture," and it will not clog pores or cause shine. This moisturizer contains higher concentrations" of Vitamins B5 and E, which leave the skin feeling and searching supple and nourished," and it is excellent for use on sensitive skin, or even soon after an exfoliation treatment. It is described as a soothing, neutral pH moisturizer" that can be utilised as frequently as necessary.

I passed this subsequent product along to the very same pal that I gave the day cream to since I located that, like the day cream, it wasn't the best formulation for my regular-dry skin, particularly over the final couple of months when my skin was additional super dry. I was actually a small disappointed that I could not use it simply because it is a multitasking, dual-objective product (my favored type of product), that can be utilized as a mask AND a spot remedy for breakouts.

Now that my skin is lastly back to standard, I am in a position to use this scrub and I am loving it. I'm not going to lie, this stuff can be a bit harsh, and that's why I really wasn't able to use it when my skin was a lot a lot more sensitive and breakout-y over the winter months (it really irritated my skin and made me a lot much more red/inflamed), but now that my skin is typical once more, I am so content I am able to use it. Zenmed (bit.ly) suggests that you only start off off by making use of this once or twice a week once you get a feel for how it performs with your skin kind you can up the usage gradually and then finish up employing it for 5 days on, and then 5 days off.

This last solution is a single of the most gentle, smoothest feeling cleansers I have ever employed. It just feels so wonderful on my skin, and it efficiently breaks up makeup, dirt, and whatever else that requirements to be cleaned off at the end of a long day. This feels like an oil, but it really is not (it really is oil-free of charge), and it does not make your skin feel dried-out or dehydrated at all (even when my skin was additional dry this summer season). It is perfect to use this stuff twice a day, specially for sensitive skin.