Many people always wonder how to detect whether or not their house is damaged. Most of the problem is the fact that you cannot see the interior foundation of your home, so it can be pretty difficult to detect any problems. However, you can learn what not to do so you can prevent any problems form occurring in the first place. When it comes to your sewage system, be sure that you always keep it clean. If interested in learning what things can back up and damage your sewer system, here are some tips to guide you.

Fats, Oil and Grease

It is important that you know what things not to put down your drain. Fats, oil and grease may seem like ordinary liquids you can put down a drain. After all, what harm could it really do. In actuality, it can do serious damage. These substances can clog up a system, as they are far denser than water. Additionally, certain grease can erode pipes.

Dangerous Tree Roots

It may seem strange, but tree roots are your biggest enemy when it comes to a damaged sewer system. Roots can get in the way of pipes, break them or move them. Not only that, but it is the most costly repair to be done on a sewage system. Be sure to contact a rooter service is you notice any leaks in or around your home, as this is one of the only indicators that you have this problem.

Garbage Disposal Care

We have probably all done it. You need to rinse some food down the sink, so you turn on the garbage disposal. All too often you forget to turn the water on, or forget the disposal is on and leave it running for too long. Make sure to treat your disposal with care so you are never in need of a rooter service RI. It may seem odd, but you should really keep tabs on what goes in there. The disposal grinds the pipes and running it for too long, or not properly, can damage it. Also avoid putting huge chunks of food down there, as the disposal might not rid of it completely and will result in clogging.

Poisons and Hazardous Waste

Lastly, be sure to avoid putting any hazardous waste or lethal chemicals down your drains. Something many people forget is that pipes are not indestructible. They erode and damage just like anything else. If you put toxic chemicals down your drain, it will eat away the metal. You are not only in need of a drain cleaning like Woods Rooter, but a handful of services who can rid of the toxic material that has now seeped into the earth.

There are several things that can damage a sewage system. When it comes to housing problems, many can go unnoticed. However, by watching what you put down the drain, you can eliminate the need for repairs. Be sure to contact a rooter service if any of these problems ever occur.