The process of renting Philadelphia construction dumpster is simple & straight forward. There are mainly four steps to make the entire process as simple as possible. First one is always take into consideration the debris that needs to be disposed. If you are not sure, be prepared to describe on the project to the rental companies. Assistance will be provided in picking the right size of the container.

Second step is contact the rental companies to enquire on the availability and the pricing. Ensure the quoted rated is inclusive of size as well as weight of the debris. Third step is schedule a specific delivery date and 20 yard dumpsters Philadelphia provide all the details where the container needs to be placed on site. If it is needed during busy schedule, it is best to schedule in advance as possible. Once the loading is done, call the rental company and let them know it is ready for pick up. It should be picked up within 24 hours and it is later taken to transfer or landfill station.

How to compare different price quotation?

Most of the rental companies offer a flat fee for specific sized container, a specific number of days and also weight of the debris. For example, a bid is received for an amount of 400 USD for a 30 yard sized dumpster for a period of 7 days and not to exceed 4 tons. However, small rental companies have additional fees for fuel charges, landfill cost and delivery. Ensure the quoted price is flat fees for specific time, size and weight. Comparing prices is simple and construction dumpsters Philadelphia straight forward. Flat fee pricing charges applies if a container is needed longer than the scheduled rental period. The cost can vary depending on the number of days extended. Additionally if the weight is exceeded than the normal weight, then it involves additional fees. Every container is weighed at the transfer station or the landfill station. If the container exceeds the agreed upon weight, there will be additional fees involved and this also depends on local landfill taxes and fees.

What are the uses for roll off dumpsters?

There are primary uses for roll off dumpsters. They are mainly for large cleaning projects as well as construction projects. Below are mentioned some of the examples where roll off containers can be used. Some of them are commercial construction, replacing windows or siding, roof tear off for all roofing projects, bath and kitchen remodeling projects, yard waste removal, garage, attic and basement clean out & large cleaning projects.

What are common sizes and which size should be rented?

Philadelphia construction dumpsters are measured by cubic yards. There are different sizes available like 10, 20, 30 as well as 40 yards. As the name suggests each can hold 10, 20, 30 and 40 cubic yards of materials. Estimating the debris amount a project could generate is quite tricky. It is best to give these rental companies a call and they can help to determine the size of the project.