Industrial engraving involves art, engineering and talent. The best industrial engraving companies take great pride in the final look of their work. Just what is engraving? Engraving is a method of pressing a design into a hard surface by machinery cutting a series of grooves into the material. The surface being engraved is usually flat, though the finished product can be three dimensional. Some materials that can be engraved to be decorated objects are silver, gold, glass or steel. Other materials like copper are engraved to become intaglio printing plates used for printing images on paper called engravings.

Engraving as a decorative technique has been used for hundreds of years by goldsmiths, gunsmiths, glass engravers and artists. In modern times, industrial engraving has become very important. Engraving has changed with the times, with the traditional burin being replaced with the use of machines and modern industrial methods. Photoengraving and laser engraving are important examples of newer engraving methods.

The use of industrial roll dies is another example of modern industrial engraving techniques. Engraving has traditionally been used to transfer multiple images on paper for printmaking, map-making and illustrations found in books. In today's world, there are many uses for the engraving process. It is important to choose an engraving company that will produce the best results at competitive prices.

One company that is well known for high-quality engraving is True Mark Engraving. True Mark is a company that can combine traditional engraving methods with the latest technology to get the very best product for customers. Customers want an artistic look to engraving projects, at the same time as being cost effective. Using all the latest machine engraving and computer-aided equipment makes this possible. You can click here to read more about True Mark Engraving and the projects they can do. This company can design engraving images, then using the latest equipment, transfer them into reality on the surfaces required by the customer. Much of the engraving process is in attractive lettering and company logos, but other images are possible and available for the projects customers have in mind. If a customer can dream an image to engrave, good engraving companies can make that image into reality.