Land is fundamentally valuable. It drives at the heart of what the culture desires. In many ways, land is not unlike gold. Gold is valuable because of two reasons. The first is that the culture has made it valuable, and there's a level of trust in that roi investment. Secondly, gold is limited. Unlike financial assets not tied to any physical entity, gold and land are inherently limited. There's only so much in existence, and there will only be so much. Classic author Mark Twain said it best when he proclaimed, "Buy land, they're not making it anymore." It's a deceptively simple idea, but it is one that many savvy investors have taken to heart.

A No Maintenance Turnkey

Land Investments in any type of environment can be turned over with no maintenance and no management. Even a stock bought at noon and sold at 1pm will sit alongside a transfer fee. Land is completely turnkey. This is a term used in the real estate industry that means the property they are purchasing can be sold immediately without any management. Bank-owned properties are not like this, generally because there are paperwork and holding costs associated. Smart investors can get around that, but it is not always easy. They may also need to do work on the property to increase its value and build equity.

Land is ready immediately. Theoretically, a land buyer can buy the land, subsequently sell the land, and make a profit without ever seeing the land. It is the simplest form of growth stocks. They may never do any work on the land either. It is 100% turnkey by nature, and that makes it a very quick and effective investment.

Land is Freeing

There is one fee associated with owning land and it is the one that cannot be avoided. Land owners must pay their land property tax. Aside from that, there is virtually no maintenance fees and costs required in owning a property with no home on it. This returns to the fantastic turnkey aspect of owning land. A land owner can hold on the property indefinitely, selling at any time without necessarily needing to manage the running expenses.

The best style in approaching land is buying large quantities of it and working with a land investment company. They can seek out the absolute best properties in the best areas, and follow overall selling trends to make sure the land is an appropriate purchase. Without maintenance and management, land is one of the only types of investments as seamless and simple as gold.