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Here's what some users of Rocket Italian have said...

"I am a bit of an Italophile and visit Italy every year so thought it would be at least polite to try and learn the language. I had made several attempts to learn Italian but was making very little progress when I made the decision to try Rocket Italian. From the very start I felt that I was making progress and now have the confidence to give it a go when in the company of non English speaking Italians. I find the pace of the course just about right as I can regularly go back because everything stays available. Maybe that the most fun I have however is translating American into English. :o)
Keep up the good work

Donald Simpson

One of the best features on Rocket Italian (languages) is once you sign up you are a life member and can always go back to it whenever you like. Also it is always improving itself which keeps it way out in front of the other programmes on the market. Well done Rocket Languages and keep up the good work, can't wait for the 2014 edition 'roll out'

Grahame Roberts

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