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I applied for a French course because I had recently bought a house in the South of France and my French had got very rusty. I "surfed" the net, and the course which seemed to click all the right buttons was the Rocket French course. I was right. No sooner had I paid my money by credit card, and there it was. Both audio and visual and with games thrown in. I was also able to buy a separate CD which I took to France with me, so that I could continue my studies there. The icing on the cake was definitely the weekly homework emails which lasted 20 weeks. It surprised me how quickly, with a bit of effort, I was able to pick up grammar and by constant repetition my vocabulary improved as well. The only downside for me has been that my wife now sends me out shopping when we are in France, but I always bring a few wrong things back so that she does not do it too often. All in all this is an excellent course well worth the money. What is best about it is that it encourages you to learn. And you know what, maintenant je parle francais (un petit peu)
Testimonial from Steven Parnes, UK

Excellent training aid. Challenging without becoming boring or monotonous.
Good value product. I am very impressed with how much I have learnt and retained during the course. Often due to other priorities, I have to miss lessons for a couple of weeks or so. However, when I return it takes very little time to get back into the course
Clive Ridley UK

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