The history of Christian ministry is replete with those who came to God at advanced ages. Some of the most famous of those who spread the Gospel far and wide, in fact, did not begin to do so until in their fourth decade of life or later, with even such a notable figure as Saint Augustine not converting until he was thirty-three. On the other hand, a number of the most prominent and successful servants of the Lord were pointed out at an early age. Roberts Liardon is an example of the latter sort, having preached a compelling sermon at the age of merely thirteen, just like his grandfather before him. Liardon's career began with that first, striking sermon and soon blossomed further, seeing the young preacher holding forth in academic settings by the time he was only fifteen.

This early exposure to such environments was to prove defining for Liardon, as is detailed at He soon became a scholar on his own account, delving into the early history of the church in a number of important publications. Liardon's research into the character and facts of early Christianity strengthened his belief and allowed him to extend these hard-won perspectives to other people of faith. Throughout his career, in fact, this scholarly side of his spiritual life has been an important, grounding influence and one which distinguishes his work from that of most of his contemporaries.

That is not to say that he has remained locked away with his books. In fact, Roberts Liardon Ministries is one of the most active today in providing succor and much-needed help to the meek and the downtrodden. The organization's work in Africa fighting the deadly AIDS epidemic has been some of the most effective and forward-thinking of all, and countless residents of that continent have been spared that fate thanks to its work. A variety of other charitable works have supplemented these, too, including notable efforts to instill greater material and spiritual security among the poorest in Africa.

Roberts Liardon has also remained a strong force in his home of the United States. His well-received television series uses innovative techniques to spread the Word of God to more believers than ever before, and his other evangelical efforts have been similarly successful. His published books, both popular and academic, have been translated into a number of languages and have sold millions of copies worldwide between them. His multi-faceted career, in fact, today seems stronger than ever, and likely to continue to grow in a number of productive ways.