Teens live in the moment, enjoying (or suffering from) the here and now to a greater degree than most adults. Their plans for the future, if any, are wishful thinking more than detailed plans. This is not true of all teens, of course, but it does make many teens more susceptible to participating in dangerous behavior that could wipe out all hopes of a future.

Auto accidents account for about one-third of all teenage deaths. Drinking, drugs and reckless driving are linked to many of those accidents. If a drunk driver is lucky, he or she will be stopped by the police and http://www.robertfriderplc.com/ arrested. Lucky? Yes. Statistically, that driver has probably driven drunk about 80 times prior to the first arrest. That may not be true of drivers under 21, simply because they haven't been driving for many years, but it's more likely than not that the first arrest for drinking and driving is not the first time they have driven drunk.

For all people, that first DUI/DWI arrest should be a stern wake-up call. This is especially true for young drivers with their lives ahead of them. If they were not drinking themselves but simply passengers in a car with a drunk driver, the message should still be clear. Do not drink and drive. Do not ride in a car with a drunk driver. Just because nothing bad happened the last time, or the time before that, it does not mean that a terrible accident will not happen this time.

The law does not allow any alcohol in the blood for drivers under 21. The consequences of a conviction could include jail, loss of driving privileges and a costly fine. Future fall-out can lead to problems getting a job, renting an apartment, getting scholarships or being accepted into the college of choice.

The law also provides constitutional protection for drivers of all ages. The police radar or breath testing equipment may have been defective. The officer may not have had probable cause to stop the car. The driver's rights may have been violated in some other way. The law applies to the police as well and the rules must be followed.

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