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Be careful with this command. After running it, new changes are immediately live!

In the background it syncs the files from your rebelmouse folder to a copy of our repo, then we run git pull and we check for merge errors, if everything is ok, we commit new changes to our master branch and finally we push to prod.

You can run this command only on master branch.

Be careful. If there are any changes on master branch then roar-push-prod will start its process immediately. Expecting you are working in a feature branch these commands below are recommended to run to push a branch live.

git checkout mastergit pull --rebaseroar-fetchgit statusgit commit -am "updates from RM repo"git push origin mastergit merge --no-ff 12345-new_branch_nameroar-reloadroar-push-prod "A meaningful message explaining new updates."

Before first push please read Daily workflow example in GIT Workflow topic where it is explained what these commands do.

Deploy can be locked by other (yours or RebelMouse) developers at any time. You can't deploy in the meantime when someone else does. You will receive an email when deploy will be free again.

Deploy can take up to 20 min to be finished.

In the process of deploying your merged branch will be also pushed to BitBucket origin.

Important: In case you merged your feature branch to master already and you need to roar-fetch again because of a some reason (for example deploy was blocked and someone pushed new changes to your repo), then you need to get your feature branch off the master branch before running roar-fetch. Otherwise your changes could get lost (when changes are in the same file as you were working on). Workflow:

# you are on master and ready for deploygit merge --no-ff 12345-new_branch_nameroar-push-prod "A meaningful message explaining new updates."# deploy is blocked# you receive a mail after while that deploy is freeroar-push-prod "A meaningful message explaining new updates."# you receive a message back that there are new changes which you need to fetch# get your feature branch off the master with combination of next three commands - it will clear your branch of any changesgit checkout .git reset --hard origin/mastergit clean -fd# you are now ready for roar-fetchroar-fetch# there will be new changes which you need to commit and push to origingit commit -am "updates from RM repo"git push origin master# your master is now synced with latest code# you can start this procedure once again from the beginning
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subscription model for publishers
Content Strategy

In 2022, Publishers Take Back Control With Subscription Success

Users are ready to pay for content that delivers

The Rise of the Mature User

It's been a long and winding path, but in 2022 the subscription model continues its upward trajectory as a top revenue strategy for publishers of all sizes. The tug of war between platforms and publishers reached its peak in the last few years of the previous decade, leaving users desperate for a modern user experience that's clear of any clutter from the duopoly that is Google and Facebook. This is why intelligent paywall models are a top choice for users looking to consume content right from the source. When done correctly, the strategy can work for any type of media. The New York Times, a frequent showpiece example of the power of paywalls, is constantly reporting record-busting subscription numbers, with 7.6 million digital subscriptions in 2021.

And it all makes perfect sense. The subscription model eliminates the middleman — such as the platforms — so readers get the experience and content they want, and publishers get the cash they need.

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People on a train station
Rebel Insights

RebelMouse Q1 2021 Platform Updates

Speed, performance, and Core Web Vitals enhancements

Click here to read our Q2 2021 platform performance updates!

At RebelMouse, we pour our souls into making sure that our platform is always the most modern, high-performance CMS on the market. In fact, we invested over $100,000 worth of hours into our platform in Q1 2021 alone. This has resulted in updates and performance enhancements that publishers would have to pay for on their own to make happen on any other platform, such as WordPress. We're proud to be at a level of scale where we can invest this way into our platform, and we will continue to invest at this rate every quarter moving forward just as we have in the past.

Here are the major updates that we've added to the platform in Q1.

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Google Says They’re Increasing Communication About Algorithm Updates
Rebel Insights

Google Says They’re Increasing Communication About Algorithm Updates

If you feel like you’ve been hearing about updates from Google more often, it’s not just in your head. During a recent Google Meetup in NYC, Search Liaison Danny Sullivan said that Google hasn’t been launching more updates lately, but it has made a point to communicate about its updates to users more frequently.

Even though you may know when updates are happening more than before, you still won’t know about every little change that Google makes. In a post about the topic, Sullivan said that Google’s algorithm is updated thousands of times a year. Many of these incremental updates are so small that users and site owners won’t even know they are happening. Together, these minor updates add up to enhance Google’s search experience overall.
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New Report: Email Is a ‘Key Tool’ for Building Loyalty
Rebel Insights

New Report: Email Is a ‘Key Tool’ for Building Loyalty

For the first time ever, the Digital News Report authored by Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism has dedicated an entire chapter to news consumption via email. The report analyzed data from thousands of readers of online news across 46 different markets. While the insights around email are focused on news content specifically, the data is useful for any publisher looking to enhance a newsletter strategy or even launch a new campaign. The findings in this year’s report shows that email continues to rise in popularity as an effective way to reach hyper-targeted audiences.

Who Reads Email Newsletters?

While email is not the primary source of traffic for most news outlets, it is more popular in the U.S. than in other countries. This year’s Digital News Report found that 22% of users surveyed in the U.S. use newsletters or email alerts, with almost half of them saying it is their main way of accessing digital news.

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