Have you ever decided to take a nice road trip, only to find yourself struggling on a dark, rainy night to see the middle or edge of the road? This should never occur on roadways today, anywhere in our country. If drivers take a trip near the capital of the state they reside in, they usually find exceptionally clear markings all around the city and surrounding roadways. With the large amount of new highways being built and repaired all across each state, drivers find that markings definitely keep them safe from accidents that could happen, but don't, because of the bright, clear markings.

The road markings are applied by companies that use various types of paints. Some paints are reflective, and able to withstand intense heat of the sun or the roadway temperature, while others can be applied at a faster speed on the roadway. Companies offer many road marking products to business parking lots and to municipalities for their roads. The purpose is to allow drivers the ability to look at the arrows, straight lines, middle of the roadway and edge of the roadway without a loss of attention or direction to their driving. When headlights shine on a special type of paint on a wet and dark night, this may be the only way for a driver to maintain direction.

There are names for each type of marking applied by companies that work with pavement marking. They include "rain safe," which is most valuable to drivers on rainy nights; DotLine which is applied with special machinery and when vehicle lights hit painted discs, that light is reflected back to them, making the road much easier to see in the darkness. Many drivers, after traveling for an extensive period of time, begin to feel sleepy and less attentive. Thankfully, there's a road marking called RibLine that creates the noisy edges of the road that give off a vibratory warning when tires run over it. The noise wakes drivers up with an alert that keeps them from running off the road.

As you can see, bright road markings are a true blessing to drivers, whether they spend little time in their cars or a lot of time in them. Either way, driving a roadway in the dark of night, or on a rainy evening where another vehicle's lights are reflecting back to the driver, can be horrendous. Some people have no trouble driving at night, while others find the lights of other vehicles to be very disturbing and distracting. When a road is properly marked and easy to see, it makes for a much more enjoyable and safer drive, even if it is in the rain.