It is very easy to pick up a fungal infection in the shower rooms and changing rooms at gyms and pools. The problem can become worse when your feet need to be in hot, damp running shoes for hours each day. This can make it difficult to get rid of the infection and get it to stay gone.

Ringworm is another fungal infection that can be quick to spread and hard to eliminate. This infection usually shows as a patch of red, raised skin that often spreads in a circle shape with a clear area in the center. Ringworm can be spread through the sharing of towels, bedding or clothing used by a person that has the infection. It can also affect dogs and cats, which shows as red patches where the animal’s hair has fallen out. Even if you get the infection to clear up, it can be picked up from pets and you have it again.

If you are wondering how to treat ringworm or athlete's foot, you need to use an anti-fungal cream several times a day until the infection is completely gone. Clothing, bedding and towels that have been exposed to the infection should be washed in very hot water and not shared with others until there is no sign of infection anymore. One of the creams which is sold for this purpose is Canesten ringworm cream, which is very effective at getting rid of these types of infections. Don’t discontinue using the cream until the skin is completely clear, or the infection will simply return.

Canesten cream fungal infection treatment can also be used for other types of fungal infections, such as diaper rash, or sweat rash, to clear them up. Every mother knows how miserable a diaper rash can make a baby, but there is no need for them to suffer when the diaper rash, which is a fungal infection can be easily cleared up with this cream. It is easy to apply by simply spreading a thin coat over the infected area.

If you are uncertain what type of infection you are experiencing, you can have it checked by your medical professional to be sure. They can diagnose a fungal infection quickly for you. You can get Canesten Malaysia at your local pharmacy for use on any type of fungal infection you are experiencing. It is a good idea to keep some on hand for easy use the next time you or a family member is afflicted with this type of infection.