Stretch marks are commonly seen in women who have been through a pregnancy, but they can appear on anyone who has experienced a rapid weight gain. They are never dangerous, but they can be unattractive and embarrassing. Stretch marks do not disappear when the weight is lost and can even become more noticeable. They will fade over time, but will not go away entirely on their own. Here are some stretch mark removal tips if you are facing this frustrating issue.

Cosmetic Procedures

Severe stretch marks may require dramatic methods to eliminate them. These methods include laser therapy, which is best on fresh stretch marks and microdermabrasion which is most effective at eliminating older marks which have refused to fade on their own.

Prescription Creams

These creams can be very effective for some, but they can also be very irritating to the skin for others. They are only useful on fresh stretch marks and will not fade older ones enough to make them worth using.

Over the Counter Creams

These are beneficial to the skin in general. They are often full of skin-nourishing products which will improve the texture and feel of the skin. They can improve the appearance, but are usually unable to remove the marks entirely.


Unless the stretch mark is really severe, they will fade away over time. This is true if you are careful about not regaining weight and you practice good skin care. For many women the marks will remain as just thin shiny lines which can often be adequately camouflaged by sunless tanners.

Alternative Methods

It is not the answer for everyone, and it will depend on whether you have one set of stretch marks or clusters of them everywhere. But for some women, the solution to eliminating stretch marks is hiding them under tattoos. If you are not a fan of body art, this is not the solution for you. But for many, tattoos have made it possible to hide everything from a small set of stretch marks to a large mastectomy scar.

Patience, persistence and prevention seem to be the key ingredients to fighting stretch marks. The best method is to avoid them in the first place. Try to keep your weight consistent. If this is impossible because of pregnancy or a medication, use a product like revitol stretch mark cream to stop them before they start.