The acting and modeling industries are as competitive as ever, and possibly even more so. Tens of thousands of bright-eyed, hopeful actors and models flood into the Los Angeles area every year, whether looking for a way to break into Hollywood or a runway contract that will propel them to global fame.

While talent, looks, and other assets make a big difference, the reality is that most of those who succeed in realizing their dreams have plenty of help. Most industry observers, in fact, recommend that every ambitious young model focus intently on finding the kind of modeling company that will give them a leg up on the competition.

Fortunately, there are plenty of excellent options out there today. The agency model has proven to be an excellent one for the acting and modeling industries, as it closely aligns the incentives of agents and those whom they represent. Hard-working, talented agents therefore naturally end up with similarly capable clients, helping to ensure that those with natural ability and other gifts rise to the top.

One review of agency One Source Talent, for example, notes how the company helped an especially striking young runway model finally achieve her breakthrough. Although she had obtained some prominence in the fashion scene in the Midwest where she hailed from, the model found the situation in Los Angeles far more difficult to master.

Her agent at one source talent, recognizing her gifts and value as a model, soon had her skipping the cattle calls that so many others in her situation end up in. Instead, leveraging a set of powerful contacts in the industry, he was able to make appointments for his new client that put her in front of those with the power to decide. That made a big difference, and it was not long before the model's phone was ringing off its virtual hook.

In other words, even the greatest combination of talent and other assets is often not enough. Instead, those who do the best in these tough, cutthroat industries, whether as actors, models, photographers, or anything related, tend to partner with others who can help them make the most of their potential.

That can be a tough lesson to learn for those who have spent years going it alone unsuccessfully. In the end, though, it is virtually never too late to seek a helping hand from others. Instead of continuing to struggle without realizing any results, many of those trying to break into the worlds of acting or modeling would do well to heed this lesson.