Many people see investing in gold as buying gold coins, small bars, or gold jewelry and keeping them in a safe place at home or in a bank safety deposit box. When it is time to sell the gold for needed funds they may be in for a big dissa[ointment. The best gold prices are only given for gold that is in "Good Delivery Bars" and can show a continuous record of storage in bullion vaults, never in private possession. These "Good Delivery Bars" are large at 400 troy ounces and worth $640,00 per bar or depending on the current market value. Most private gold investors can not afford to own whole bars.

How can the average person safely invest in gold? The safest way to invest in gold is with a reputable company that has accredited bullion vaults for storage, and deals in "Good Delivery Bars". The investor will be able to purchase as little as one gram of gold or as large an amount as they can afford. The investor is purchasing a part of a gold bar. Since these "Good Delivery Bars" can not be cut up or melted down to smaller portions, The bars are left whole and investors are credited with the portion they purchase. Places like BullionVault sell parts of these gold bars to many people and keep the bars in accredited bullion vaults where they are safe and keep their value. So in reality people are buying and selling their share of these gold bars.

Gold investing can also involve purchasing coins, small gold bars, gold jewelry, ETF's, gold certificates, gold futures, gold ira, and gold mining stocks. Each of these forms of gold investing has rules and risks. The gold bars, coins, and jewelry must be assessed before purchase to make sure of their purity and authenticity. Selling these items for a profit is not always guaranteed. The other forms of gold investing have their own risks and benefits that must be investigated. Only reputable companies should be dealt with.

Why invest in gold instead, or in addition to, the stock market or various savings plans? Gold keeps its value no matter what. When banks fail and the stock market crashes, gold still holds its value. If there is a financial downturn or high inflation, gold holds its value. The gold mines in South Africa, Russia, and China can not keep up with the demand for gold, so the price stays stable or gets higher. Gold is a safe hedge against both inflation and financial downturns all over the world. The key to success in investing in gold is to do one's homework and invest with reputable companies.

Purchasing Gold from a company that has safe, accredited storage facilities is a good way to be sure the gold has the best value and keeps it. Those with accredited Hard Assets Alliance are the safest to invest with. contact for more information.