Most people throw on any old clothes and head out on their bike. While this may be fine for a short ride, true cyclists know it is not a valid choice for longer bike rides. The necessary apparel needs to be worn by cyclists when out for a ride, especially if they will be out for some time.

Base Layer

A base layer is the first thing that should be put on by a cyclist. Just throwing on a long sleeved shirt will not suffice. Base layers wick away sweat to make the ride more comfortable. If riders get to warm while on the ride, they can remove their outer layer and still have the base layer available. Layering is the number one rule of proper cycling.

Long Sleeve Jerseys

Even on warm days, a long sleeve jersey should be worn if bicyclists are going to be out for an extended period of time. This is because the sleeves will protect the arms from burning in the sun. Retro2ride has created long sleeve jerseys that offer 30+ SPF protection.

Cycling Caps

Caps are necessary on a long ride for anyone who wants to protect their head. Not only will the cap keep out the sun, but it also works to wick away sweat. It makes for a cooler, nicer ride. The cap is even more important when riding in colder weather, when the head needs to be protected from the elements and make the ride warm enough to handle.


There are specially made bike gloves that protect the rider's hands while on a bike. Not only do they keep them warm, but they also provide a better grip on the handlebars. It makes the ride safer and easier to handle.

Cycling Shoes

Tennis shoes and sandals should not be worn while riding for long periods of time. Special cycling shoes were created to keep the feet warm and safe while on an extended ride. These shoes are lightweight, yet durable, and also offer protection from the elements. With the right fit, cycling shoes even improve peddling performance to make the ride smoother.

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