In crime novels and in the movies, the most successful burglars typically strive to remain unnoticed. Countless movies, for example, have portrayed daring, courageous diamond thieves who nonetheless emphasized subtlety and stealth as they went about their work. That might have meant, for example, dropping into a heavily guarded jewelry store from above, picking out the choicest jewel of all, and then slinking silently away before anyone could notice.

In reality, though, the tactics from this whole basic class of approaches have become decreasingly effective. Modern security systems are so sophisticated and difficult to subvert that a store or other facility worth guarding can often be made virtually impossible to breach without someone taking notice and responding.

That does not mean that burglars have given up, however. Knowing full well that any unauthorized entry into a jewelry store or other place brimming with valuables will unavoidably trigger alarms, they have come up with different ways of getting what they lust after. Instead of seeking to be stealthy and silent, burglars today typically emphasize directness and speed.

The best example of this shift in strategy is probably the ram raid, one of the most dramatic developments in the modern world of crime. Criminals planning a ram raid will steal a heavy, bulky sport utility vehicle or truck and then send it crashing right into a retail store or other building that holds items worth stealing. Loading up as much as they can within the space of a minute or two, they will then leave the scene before the authorities can respond.

If modern security systems pretty much put an end to burglaries of the traditional sort, there are correspondingly effective means of Ram Raid Prevention. Owing to the basic crudity of this tactic, in fact, a relatively simple and decidedly low-tech approach often proves to be effective. The installation of strong, stout Bollards that can stop a vehicle in its tracks is often enough to make this modern style of burglary completely unfeasible.

Of course, having permanent Bollards in place in front of and around a store or other building can also be undesirable. For example, they can take up crucial space, be unpleasant to look at, and even get in the way of shoppers. For many applications, then, Removable Bollards that hide out of the way when crimes are unlikely can provide all of the necessary protection while being less of problem to live with. As this fact becomes more widely known, it might even be expected that many burglars will be forced to admit that they have been beaten for good.