Water damage can be disastrous and leave a home uninhabitable. Homeowners who have the lived the nightmare first hand are aware of how water damage can upset an entire family, and make it seemingly impossible to restore normalcy. When tragedy strikes in the form of water damage, it is important to reach our to a company that specializes in restoration water damage. While the process will not be quick, it is possible to restore a home to its original beauty and luster. Here is a brief overview of what is entailed with the process of water restoration.


The first step is to remove all of the damaged materiel in the home. A crew will tear out drywall and any flooring that was damaged so they can better assess the extent of the water damage. This will also make it easier to identify any hazards, such as mold, that may be present in the property. The water restoration company will also be able to better determine how long the project will take after determining how much of the home has been damaged.

Removal of Toxins

Once demolition is complete, the next step is to eradicate the property of any mold that may be present. The technicians will use a mixture of dehumidifiers and special cleaners to ensure that any health threats are removed. After removal is complete, a series of tests will be conducted to ensure that the health issues are fully removed and that it is safe for habitation.


The last step is to rebuild the demolished portions of the home. Any wood that was affected will be removed and replaced, and any plumbing or electrical components will also be repaired. The last step is replace any drywall and trim pieces, and then repaint the affected areas. Once complete the home will be inspected. The process can take up to 4 weeks to complete, depending on the amount of damage.

Don't let water damage create undue stress. Contact the restoration experts at ServPro and take the first step in restoring a home to its original condition. Most homeowners find they don't even have to pay out of pocket, as homeowners insurance will cover the expense. Take charge of water damage as soon as possible to avoid future problems and keep a home safe for everyone.