Los Angeles might be better known for the vanity of its residents, but New York is as image-conscious of a city as any. To be fair, people in Manhattan and the surrounding boroughs tend to be a little more discreet with their preening, a balancing act the mastery of which is universally taken as a sign of sophistication.

When it comes right down to it, though, New Yorkers are just as eager about and capable of impressing others as people anywhere else might be. This can be seen, for instance, in the regularity with which people from New York City seek to nyc exotic car rental in order to influence clients, romantic partners, or just about anyone else.

A few particular makers of and models among all the exotic cars for rent in the area do stand out for these purposes. Aston Martin, for example, has long earned admiration as the supplier of sublimely elegant sports cars to the fictional James Bond. New Yorkers looking to make a similarly dashing impression on others understandably flock to the company's DB9, often finding in it the perfect blend of refinement and high performing capability.

The providers of luxury car rental nyc locals make use are also ready to fill needs of other kinds. For those aiming at cultivating the strongest possible air of financial achievement and wealth, cars produced by makers like Bentley more often fit the bill.

Bentley's vehicles seem to focus on nothing in the way of plebeian considerations like fuel economy or overall lightness, cradling their passengers in heavy, luxurious leather and fine hardwoods instead. That makes them the perfect way for Wall Street bankers to show others they have arrived, whether with an exotic car rental for a day or an outright purchase.

Between luxury-oriented options like these and others from makers like Ferrari and Lamborghini that focus instead on raw performance, people in the city have plenty of ways of standing out. Given how easy and affordable it is to rent a striking, memorable vehicle for a day or two, it should not be surprising that so many people today take advantage of this option.

Of course, plenty of those who rent cars of this order do so for more personal reasons. The fact is that enjoying the streets of Manhattan from behind the wheel of a Ferrari, for instance, can be much more than a way of impressing others. It can be an experience in itself and one that is not likely to be forgotten.