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If you think that this is time to stop your weight loss program or your muscle building effort, you’re gonna be in a worst mistake. You just need to refresh your mind and think again because there is an unbelievable answer for those two problems. There is a program in which you can lose your weight as well as build your muscle at the same time. This can be done through a new dieting approach named The Renegade Diet. This approach is based on research and that’s why this is a very trustworthy program. Through this e-book, your mind will be opened and you will know a lot of facts which you never think off before.

In The Renegade Diet, you will learn three major problems in other diet programs out there. The first is that when you gain muscle, the diet you do will also make you fatter cause every pound of muscles you gain will also gain about 1-2 fat on your body. Getting bigger but fatter isn’t much interesting, is it? At the other side, diets which help you lose 2-3 pounds of fat will sadly lose your muscle also. Getting slimmer but less muscular isn’t much interesting either is it? And the worst of all is that all those diets programs are difficult to follow.

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You will be much more excited because The Renegade Diet is very much easy to follow. The diet plan is also less intrusive and will keep you away from the boring plain diet plans you ever tried before. In here, you will learn to break the rules that you used to think to be ‘true’. Jason Feruggia, the man behind this great book, says that breakfast is not important. You actually can skip it. At the other hand, he also states that we can eat after 6 p.m. He also asks you to forget about the “6 meals per day” formula.

Through The Renegade Diet, you are able to dine the biggest meal, even the carbs that you always stay away from. The freedom people get in their dieting will make you believe that diet does not have to be so strict. This kind of diet is different with Paleo or Atkins or any other types of diets. It also does not involve hours in gym. Many agree that Jason’s diet plan is the easiest way because Jason intends this for a lifestyle and behavioral change.

The Renegade Diet has 150 pages which consist of a lot of valuable information: why breakfast is not important, why carbs are not the enemy, when to eat or avoid carbs, how to strengthen the immune system, how to optimize insulin, growth hormone, IGF, and leptin naturally, how to eat anything you want, and many more. There are a lot of positive reviews about this e-book. You can also see many successful stories in its official website. This product is also backed with a 60-day money back guarantee. So, if you find this program unhelpful, you can claim your money back.

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