When you adopt a pet, whether it is a dog or a cat (as these are the most commonly adopted animals), you fall in love with him quickly. You make sure you treat him like your baby and take good care of him. Just like you read a lot of stuff and gather knowledge before having a baby, you read about different stuff to give your pet a good health and a longer life as well. One of the latest found stuffs that help in keeping your pets healthy and immune to fight diseases is supplement. Supplements contain extra vitamins and minerals to give your pet a healthier life than the other pets that are owned by your friends. However, you may read a lot of negative stuff about supplements. The most important question is – are these stories about side effects of supplements on pets true?

• Unknown or non branded supplements:

Supplements are directly consumed by your pets and there is a wide variety available in the market to choose from. However, there are certain pet owners who can’t afford to buy good and reputed supplements and therefore, they end up buying non branded or cheap ones. Such unknown or non-reputed brands cause a lot of problems in the end. Thus, we suggest that you don’t play with the health and lives and your pets. Ensure that you either buy good branded supplements like RenAvast, or prefer to keep them depended on home cooked meals only.

• Potassium supplements:

Apart from minerals and vitamins, there are certain supplements that contain potassium as well. If your pet is suffering from ill kidney conditions, he is suggested to have some extra potassium through supplements that improves his conditions and health. However, added potassium leads to muscle weakness, immense vomiting, constant upset stomach, decreased diet and even diarrhea. Handling all these side effects due to potassium is not easy at all. Your pet loses interest in playing and looks frustrated, rather than loving, like he was earlier.

If your pet has been having drugs like Penicillin, Difoxin, Glococorticoids, etc., he may end up having worsened side effects with stretched periods of his troubled life. These drugs react in a very negative manner with potassium and hence the condition of your dog may worsen with the added one.

• No side effects of branded supplements:

There are good branded supplements like revenvast for dogs available in the market at affordable prices that can help you have a healthier pet, if you own a dog. RenAvastis also in the production of supplements for cats that can be bought if you own a cat. Stretching a bit of your pockets for the betterment of your child like pet is not a big deal. Save some extra pocket money or cut down on your weekend plans to have your pet with you for long.

Branded supplements like RenAvast for dogs have not shown any sort of side effects on the health of the pets who consumed them even on daily basis.