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My relationship advice for men and women

Do things together! It seems strange? You can seek to have common interests even if you are away. See the same movie or read simultaneously the same book and talk on the phone for them. Look at the stars .... everyone from his side sky ... talking to each other. Make the same food, sleep in the shirt, give a pillowcase with your perfume or set your alarm clock at the same time and say hello. In the common meeting place let you post it to messages you will find ... the unannounced !!! Do you think that those who have a close relationship to make all this necessary?

To have a relationship at a distance means that you give a real battle with the audit and paranoid piece of yourself. You have to trust each other perfectly if you want this relationship to succeed. Anyone entering into a relationship -Any relation- free will. Since we are interested both be in this relationship text the romance back will honor this option and the distance will not play a role. Moreover, if someone decides that the other did not do or that he found something better for him, the relationship ends or live 200 kilometers away -up protinos- either share the same pillow.

One of the mistakes that couples who get involved relative distance is that care have a "replacement", while the other is not "physically" present. But putting someone else in your life creates even more distance relationship distance putting it in danger and risking to lose mutual trust and agreement originally did. Although it may not be intentionally, this behavior can cost your relationship.

Remember that quarrels and disagreements are part of any GOOD relationship where everyone diapragmatatefetai wants in his life with another man. Do not let your grievances accumulate to discuss them when you are close. This will poison the present and destroy the precious moments with so much longing you have planned to spend together. Speak with him. Do not be afraid. You chose and selected.

Be positive and not focus on the negative aspects of your relationship at a distance. In being far from your sweetheart has other "interesting" aspects. You can use creatively all this "free" personal time investing it in your interests or your professional aspirations. Another positive aspect is that the relationship of distance causes you willy-nilly learn to communicate better, because you lack the luxury of face contacting. The emotions here are not detected by the look, not the psychanemizeste. Here you will need and you and the other to recognize them and express them. Otherwise how?

Do not treat the relationship from a distance like a casual relationship. If the encounter seriously will feel security and happiness. Deliver to your partner and feared the same things with you to enhance his own investment!

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