There are many benefits to incorporating your business and local people are willing to help you do just that. Go Corporate is a small group of locals in the States of Guernsey that provides company incorporation services to business in Guernsey and international businesses looking to relocate there. Information available on why to make the decision to incorporate includes some of the benefits of making that business decision. Limited liability is a major reason. This means that your personal assets are separate from business assets and offers you more financial protection. Perception and credibility of your business is another reason. Incorporation indicates to the public that you are a serious business owner and open for business. Continuing existence of your business and are uniqueness of your business name are protected as well with incorporation in BC.

Taxation is another benefit to incorporate in BC because your business income would be assessed as a business and subject to the business tax rate, which is often much lower that the usual personal income tax rate. That alone could end up saving you money that you can then invest back into the growth of your business. Accounting records fall under different laws and standards for businesses than for individuals. Finally, administration and management of the business takes on a more serious and substantial role once you are a corporation. Responsibilities change and that keeps the focus on the business rather than your preferences and whims.

In addition to business registration BC, other services are offered to help with your business success. Corporate services include helping you set up the business with advise on structuring and management approaches. There are ten different types of trusts that you can establish for your new company and each one will be explained to you so you can make educated decisions about these matters. Pensions and benefits are outlined for you for much the same reasons. Accounts and tax returns are handled and prepared for you. Payroll services that include employment contracts, management agreements, processing salary payments, and documentation and pay slips are available. Aircraft registry is filed for any business aircraft you may have. Intellectual property services are an option should you choose to protect that. It means taking care of such things as trademarks, patents, copyrights, registered design rights and image rights, among others.

Making the move to incorporate your business and protect assets, patents and the name of your business is a big step and it is not a simple process. Before considering the implications, seek out the help and advise of those who have been there and have been successful. You can never have too much information so take advantage of what is offered.