With all of the talk about VoIP service, it can be easy to forget that legacy phone systems still have a lot to offer. In fact, the rush to switch to VoIP has created a whole new class of opportunities of this sort, as powerful refurbished phone systems are starting to flood the market. While VoIP can be a great option for companies of many kinds, plenty of others will benefit from looking into legacy phones for their telephonic needs.

One way in which traditional phone systems still excel is in terms of reliability. Although VoIP service has made some real strides in this respect and continues to do so, the copper-pair networks maintained by the nation's largest phone companies are still superior. Most of them feature enough in the way of redundancy that only the most severe of weather events can hope to disrupt them and are also more reliable than IP connections in the course of normal usage.

For companies with a need for absolutely bulletproof reliability, then, refurbished phones and the switchboards needed to connect them can still make excellent sense. Given the variety of options on the used market today, prices are frequently a mere fraction of what they were a few short years ago, too. This means that it is often much cheaper to outfit an office with traditional telephones than with VoIP-based ones, something that is not always apparent to those in the business world.

Of course, going this route can be seen as investing in a technology whose best days are behind it. In reality, though, most experts predict that traditional phone service will be available for many years to come. This is because both of the inherent advantages of the technology and the massive momentum that it retains, even all of these years later.

In most cases, then, it will pay to look hard at each of these options and to figure out which one best suits a given company's real needs. It can be tempting to prefer VoIP from the outset, given that it is now becoming the norm for many companies, especially at the smaller end of the scale. In practice, though, the traditional advantages of standard telephony remain in play, and the variety of used equipment available on the market can make it an even more appealing option. Taking these factors into consideration is the best way of ensuring that a satisfying solution will be arrived at, in the end.