A person’s hair is one of the things that others find the most attractive in a date, so it is important that you take care of it. Whether your hair is long, short, thick or thin, there are different regimens and tricks that you can be sure will keep your hair in tip top shape. Follow a few of these tips to help restore and maintain shine, softness and health to hair of any type.

Be unique with your wash

Most people set them up for fault when they get into a regular boring routine of washing their hair. They find one type of Shampoo that works well with their hair and they never buy another. A popular practice has been to try foods such as avocado, raw eggs, mayo, apple cider vinegar and condensed milk to shampoo and condition your hair to help enhance protein levels, bring out highlights and restore luster. It is also important to use hair products that are geared specifically toward your hair type—such as dove shampoo or clear shampoo.

Take unique supplements

A huge pitfall of hair health is that people do not eat the right foods to get the proper amount of nutrition and vitamins into their system. A lot of specific supplements and vitamins can help provide great moisture, volume and softness to the overall health of your hair. Taking about 500 milligrams of borage, evening primrose or flaxseed oils a few times a day are great.

Avoid products and hot tools

Another huge problem with hair care is that people oftentimes over-treat their hair which basically kills your hair follicles and creates split ends and frizz. When dying your hair it is good to wait at least a month between single-process treatments and a minimum of two months between high/low light treatments. It is also important to keep the use of hot tools such as curling irons, blow dryers and hair straighteners because they can speed up the deterioration of your follicles, causing your hair to thin prematurely.

Know where/how to wash

Sometimes the location of where you put your redken shampoo or conditioner and even how you rinse can determine a lot about how your hair will react to it. Wet your hair with warm water first and rinse with cool water because it will close up your hair cuticles and be sure to lock in your conditioner. Another practice is to wash your scalp and roots with shampoo, but only putting conditioner from the middle to the tips of your hair.

As you can see, it is incredibly important for you to take good care of your hair. The health of your hair can not only affect its appearance and beauty, but it can also affect the overall health of your body in general. If you have trouble managing your hair, or previous damage to it, try out these tips and tricks to help restore your hair back to health and make your self confidence soar. Visit squalet for more info.