When a person suddenly realizes that tattoo they got in college is no longer as cute as it once was, they may seek services for Redding Tattoo Removal. In the past, tattoo removal was not only painful, it caused permanent scarring. Today, there are many more treatment options available through laser therapy. Lasers can be used to break up tattoos, so removal takes place over a period of treatments.

People who seek Redding Latisse often feel more comfortable when they fully understand what to expect from the process. The first step in understanding how laser tattoo removal works is seeking a consultation.

At a consultation appointment, the tattoo can be fully examined, and the patient can provide information on the age of the tattoo. The colors of ink used in a tattoo and the age of the ink can both play roles in determining how many laser treatments a person will need. Though a consultation can allow a person to gain a good idea of how many treatments they will need and the projected cost, no esthetician can fully predict how a tattoo will respond to treatment.

The process for each treatment begins with the esthetician applying a numbing solution to the skin. Numbing solutions help to prevent any skin irritation with each pass of the laser. Though most people only feel a slight stinging sensation, this solution simply ensures they stay as comfortable as possible.

The PicoSure laser system is used to break up the ink from the tattoo. The laser sends light energy down into the skin where the ink absorbs it. The laser causes the ink to dispel like grains of sand. As the ink is broken up, the body begins to absorb the molecules over a period of a couple weeks. With ongoing treatments, the tattoo will continue to fade and can eventually be removed entirely.

Most people will need at least ten treatments to be carried out. Black ink tattoos typically respond well to treatment while red and green inks can be more difficult to remove. Those considering laser tattoo removal can learn if they are a good candidate by scheduling a consultation appointment.

If you are ready to have your unwanted tattoo permanently removed, laser treatment is your best option. This laser provides the same type of treatment for Redding Laser Hair Removal. With this treatment, you can soon be free of your ink without the stress.