Throughout the past several decades, there's been an explosion of automobile junkyards. Those who wish to repair their vehicle without paying full retail price for parts are almost guaranteed to find what they need. Although the junkyard is a treasure trove of used and new car parts, many consumers avoid these locations. A good automotive junkyard caters to a variety of customers. However, the biggest hurdle for many is taking the initial plunge. While overwhelming, once the shock of digging through broken down cars fades, an endless buffet of discounted car parts is at their disposal.

There are two primary versions of automobile junkyards. The first being a "do-it-yourself" yard. In this setting, customers manually sift through mountains of recycled cars. While intimidating, this is one of the best ways to locate specific Used car parts. In many cases, these Used Automotive parts are far cheaper than in any retail environment. However, be prepared to become a grease ball. Wear old clothing and bring a pair of heavy-duty gloves. Those who wish to experience the benefits of a car junkyard, but without the manual labor, will want to visit a "Full Service" junkyard. These junkyards offer the same access to parts, but instead of manually sifting through and removing parts, an employee does the manual labor.

Before visiting either junkyard, call ahead of time to ensure they offer needed car parts. For example, some junkyards only offer specific parts. Therefore, be specific when requesting a car part. For example, if one needs to look for Used transmissions, make this request clear before arriving. It's important to note, some yards only deal with domestic vehicles while others specialize in foreign cars. Prior to arrival, contact the junkyard to ensure they offer parts for a specific vehicle. If not, ask for recommendations to a junkyard within the area that provides the needed vehicle make and model.

Upon arriving at the junkyard, and paying the entrance fee, review the price board. Instead of listing specific prices for each car part, most yards list generic prices for different car parts. Because most yards don't care if Aftermarket auto parts come from a luxury vehicle or a low-priced car, customers can experience significant savings. Prior to picking a part, carefully review its integrity. For electrical components, make sure to test it before purchasing. Because most junkyards do not allow returns or Online used truck parts exchanges, it's the customer's responsibility to ensure parts are in working order. If the operation of a part is in question, move on to another vehicle. As most junkyards offer hundreds of similar vehicles, finding the perfect automobile part is simply a game of seek-and-find.