So you've got a fancy new RebelMouse site! It's brought in stories from Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Google+ and more (depending on which networks you've connected) and you're wondering what to do next.

Here are some great places to start:

  1. Edit, Move and Freeze posts. Make RebelMouse your own by editing headlines, freezing stories you love towards the top of the page and moving posts around.
  2. Set up Sections. Sections allow you to divide your content into sub-pages that make it easy to categorize and organize your RebelMouse. Learn more.
  3. Power your Site! RebelMouse should make any site you already own better. Upgrade to have RebelMouse power your own custom URL, remove branding on RebelMouse embeds and other advanced features. Learn more.
  4. Look at your drafts tab in the dashboard. That's where the mouse has put stories it found from Twitter and Facebook that it didn't find optimal to publish. There are going to be some gems you want to put up there. Learn more.
  5. Link to your RebelMouse in your Twitter bio, email signature, Facebook & LinkedIn urls. There's no better place for the world to see who you are, what you're thinking about, and to follow you on the vital social networks.
  6. Launch a RebelMouse site for your company, project, or hobby. You can sign up multiple accounts powered by different Twitter accounts and/or FB pages.
  7. Browse other RebelMouse sites. We've featured some awesome sites in "Featured on RebelMouse" and you can browse through them to find amazing content. In "Following on RebelMouse" you can see people you follow on Twitter or Facebook friends who are on RebelMouse.
  8. Add the "Stick" bookmarklet to your browser. This allows you to add great content to your RebelMouse page as you browse the Web. Learn more.

What's coming to RebelMouse?

Look out for many more updates, including a great way to read your incoming social stream and activity in the beautiful RebelMouse format.

If you have any questions, check out our FAQ.