A few users recently have mentioned how they love seeing RebelMouse pull in their social content, but they're not sure how to use it after that. One of the great things about RebelMouse is it's very customizable, but we wanted to highlight a few use cases. If you're looking for an expansive and technical 'how to' on a certain subject, check out our RebelMouse Guides and FAQs.

  1. A Front Page for your Blog. RebelMouse can create a dynamic, social front page for your blog that showcases not only your blog posts but what you're sharing on social. Check out benparr.com and casiestewart.com for examples. This is possible by powering your domain, with our embed code or Wordpress plugin.
  2. Replace (or start) your Blog. RebelMouse allows you to mix in curated content from social with your own original posts. RebelMouse can become your blogging platform -- add posts from links, video, photos and/or text. You can freeze posts you care about towards the top of your RebelMouse and you may choose to do this with your original content. Check out examples from paulcarr.com, Guy Kawasaki, or Jonah Peretti for some inspiration.
  3. Your Company Site. RebelMouse is an easy way to create a dynamic company site that updates as you share on social networks, but allows you the flexibility to keep certain content like a job opening or new product launch towards the top. Check out how Lerer Ventures is using RebelMouse.
  4. Curate around a topic. RebelMouse makes it easy to bring in a mix of content around the web to become a hub for one event, issue or community. For instance, WNYC used RebelMouse as a hub for information around Hurricane Sandy leading up to and during the storm. Andy Carvin's site is another great example of how powerful curated content around events can be.
  5. Run a hashtag campaign. Use RebelMouse as a community content hub. Embed directly on your site or create a separate destination to highlight community submissions for a hashtag campaign. Always Riding created an embed on their page for their #alwaysriding hashtag campaign, and with the customization and control behind RebelMouse they are able to display only the content which they feel represents their brand.
  6. More to come. We're constantly adding features and evolving the platform because of how our community is using it. If you have any questions, check out our FAQ.