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Rebel Testimonial: Hillel Fuld

Strategic advisor and tech blogger, Hillel Fuld, said it best, “In our increasingly digital lives, it's becoming a fierce battle between many companies to offer users a web page that will tell their story in the most accurate way.”

Our goal at RebelMouse is to be the one solution to help content creators develop and distribute their content easier and more effectively. “I love how my RebelMouse shows all my content,” Hillel said, “the superstars I've interviewed, plus all the toys and goodies I've gotten over the past year, all in a beautiful and visual way.”

Tips From the Top Thought Leaders: How to Build and Showcase Your Community

by Jonha Revesencio

If you're a blogger who's looking to build your community, here are some tips from top thought leaders in blogging. Find more resources and tips from thought leaders on how you can effectively build and showcase your community. 

Beautiful New Post Pages!

We've just released a new look for posts within RebelMouse! So go ahead, write a blog post, add an image or check out a post you already have on your site. When you go to a RebelMouse post, it will expand to fill the whole screen and new share buttons will be visible along the left side. You'll also find other content from the site directly below the post. Check it out and let us know what you think! 

#RebelTip: You can give any post its own RebelMouse full page post by going into the Edit view and unchecking the 'Link out directly to the original source' box.

Make Your Blog Dynamic and Social With RebelMouse

As people get better and better on social, their blogs aren’t always reflective of the great content they’re producing. More and more people are turning to RebelMouse to solve this problem by adding RebelMouse front pages and embeds to their blog. Here's how (and why):

  1. A RebelMouse Front Page: Your latest blog post is only one small piece of your online life, yet when you visit many blogs that's the only thing you see. Adding a RebelMouse front page lets you easily create the dynamic experience that represents you. Add in your content from social, guest posts from other blogs, great reviews and anything else that you'd like. Check out how, and have implemented this! It only takes a few minutes thanks to our easy embed guide. Consider upgrading to a powered site to have more control over the branding on your blog.
The Best Twitter Widget

RebelMouse is the best Twitter widget. Sign up in seconds to have a beautiful Twitter widget live on your site within minutes.

Feature your latest Tweets -- or Tweets from any source, including a hashtag, Twitter list and Custom Timeline -- to keep your site updating in real time. 

Simply click the Twitter button here, head to the powerful RebelMouse Dashboard to enter the feed you’d like to pull in, and generate a single line of code to add to your website.

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Travel Blog + RebelMouse = Genius

As a travel blogger you don’t always have time to be in front of your computer to update your blog or website daily, but posting to your social media profiles can happen anywhere and anytime.  That’s why RebelMouse is the perfect option to power your site, or be your social front page.  Every time you update Instagram, Facebook or Twitter RebelMouse will pull the post into your feed and update your site.  Guaranteeing that your site never looks stale or out of date again.

Use RebelMouse to tease your followers about where you are today, so they’ll know what they’re going to read about tomorrow. 

What Types of Videos Does RebelMouse Support?
RebelMouse currently pulls in and supports videos from the following providers: 

YouTube, Vimeo, Vine, FacebookBrightcoveUStreamLiveStream, DropcamBambuserTout, Kickstarter, Viddy, SlideShareKiwiQwikiDailymotion,, KickstarterReverbNation, Flickr, SnappyTV,, and Spreecast

If the video is featured in a Splash position, it can be played directly on RebelMouse. 
#RebelTip: Use Sections to create a page with all of your videos -- just add Video as a tag. 
5 Simple Ways to Increase Traffic to Your Site with Rebelmouse

If you already have a RebelMouse account (you may sign up here if you don’t have one yet) and you want to increase traffic to your site or blog, here are five simple steps you can easily implement today!

1. Use RebelMouse to Make Your Site Real Time and Social

Build a community on your blog or a dedicated community site (e.g. for all your tweets, Instagram photos, Facebook updates and all the great stuff you’ve discovered in the internet.

Awesome post from a RebelMouse user: 5 Reasons you NEED RebelMouse
RebelMouse can (but doesn’t force you to) broadcast your life
Have you ever had something very important that you needed to say? Perhaps you had just graduated from high school and you wanted to talk about how happy you were? Maybe you’re getting married soon? Some would say it is worth it, but why spend the time to post your prideful statements on various social networks when you could do it in a couple clicks.
So Long @Sippey

ICYMI: The internet A list comes out to say goodbye to Twitter's now ex VP of Product Michael Sippy. Cue the music.

Become a Rebel Explorer Today

Welcome to the all-in-one publishing plan for individuals and small businesses at a price you can’t beat - free! Our Rebel Explorer program is perfect for Rebels with something unique to share, whether you’re a, freelancer, social maven, or small business owner.

Sign up today to start exploring!

Rock your RebelMouse at

You’re just a point and click away from displaying our repertoire of social integrations and compelling visuals on your own custom domain name. Integrating your social feeds into your site will keep it current in real time. (Your search rankings will thank you for it.) Put these powerful features to work for your custom domain name and the message will be clear: You get it.

Embed Individual RebelMouse Posts Anywhere

We're excited to announce that individual posts on RebelMouse are now embeddable on any website. This allows you to take your latest Tweet, Vine, Instagram, Facebook, or original blog post, and add it directly to your site. 

All you have to do is hover over the post, click the new Embed icon, copy the code and paste it into your site's HTML. And just like that, your site has become more social. 

New Two Column Layout

We’ve added a new layout option to RebelMouse that content publishers will enjoy. Our simplified two-column theme uses your images and videos to beautifully fill the width of your site while still leaving room for side bar of content on the left side. With this design, you can highlight and freeze what's most important to your brand in the main column, while keeping necessities along the side bar. 

Contests Made Social with RebelMouse!

Increase awareness, acquire new customers and increase loyalty from your existing consumers through well planned social media contests. Contests allow you to tap into social engagement and turn experiences into stories that will help drive more conversation for your community and your brand. 

Whether your contest is to crowd source stories on Instagram, Twitter or Pinterest, you may easily build a campaign around a hashtag and display entries and activities around the contest into a beautiful, dynamic site

The Easiest Way to Create a Social, Dynamic Site
  • You Live in Real Time. So Should Your Site. RebelMouse automatically pulls in content you post to your social networks so that your site is automatically updated. Your site should reflect the dynamic, social person you are, not be a snapshot from the past.
  • A Better Way to Represent You and Your Community. With RebelMouse it's incredibly easy to include your favorite articles from your community and generally build a larger conversation than just yourself. You can still freeze your content towards the top and in the bigger spots, but it makes it easier to really curate a conversation around a topic. Use RebelMouse to power or your full site and you'll instantly have a more dynamic blog for you or your company.
The Best Instagram Widget

RebelMouse is the best Instagram widget. Sign up in seconds to have a beautiful Instagram widget live on your site within minutes.

Feature your latest Instagram posts -- or posts from other accounts and hashtags -- to keep your site updating in real time. 

Simply click the Instagram button here, head to the powerful RebelMouse Dashboard to add the feed you’d like to pull in, and generate a single line of code to add to your website.

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You Asked, We Listened. RebelMouse Arrives on iPhone

On the heels of launching our first mobile app on Android, we’re thrilled to announce that RebelMouse is now officially available on iPhone! As we continue to gain momentum with over 15 million unique monthly visitors, we created this version to ensure that RebelMouse is available to everyone. Our team worked hard and took the time to create a beautiful product with all of the iOS 7 style and design features. Now you can curate and publish your favorite content on-the-fly from your iPhones.

How to Connect Your Facebook Groups to RebelMouse

To pull in posts from Facebook Groups, you can add the page's RSS feed with the following steps: 

*If the Group page doesn't have an ID number in the URL, you can find it by pasting the URL here: 

*Note* Only groups with "Everyone" privacy setting and no age limit will pull into RebelMouse.

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