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The RebelMouse platform provides you with the tools to build online properties and optimize content. Our robust Stats dashboard provides insight into site growth, content engagement, social analytics, and viral activity.

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Site and Engagement Metrics

Judge overall performance of your site with a variety of metrics on the RebelMouse Stats dashboard. From performance indicators such as views and referral traffic to engagement metrics like clicks, taps, hovers, and shares, RebelMouse allows you to zero in on the KPIs you care most about in order to achieve you content marketing goals.

Gauging Content Performance

When you build and host your content on RebelMouse, you can also view the performance of that content in several ways. Beyond just tracking page views, you have access to a deeper layer of metrics, such as shares per social network, the percentage of traffic coming from outside your web property, and the number of community sign-ups resulting from your content. Assess the way people are finding your content, whether from search and social, or from other places on your site, and use data to determine what content to feature on your owned channels. These metrics allow you to understand the types of content that will increase overall web property performance and help reach your goals.

Social Analytics to Dictate Decisions

You can measure performance not only from original content created on the platform, but also from social content performance on their native social networks. Along with original content metrics, social statistics provide a holistic view of your entire content marketing strategy, providing you with the data you need to create, distribute, and promote content.

Surfacing Popular Content

The RebelMouse platform is consistently measuring the performance of your content on your site/social media, and comparing this to average performance across a set of time periods. When content is performing above average, RebelMouse will send a “velocity alert" to you and your team, providing an opportunity to add fuel to the fire to get the most out of your content.

Measuring Performance Across Time

View and compare data over custom time ranges, focusing in on specific campaign dates or milestones, or looking at broader trends over time. Data collected on sites built on the RebelMouse platform belongs to you, and the stats dashboard provides control over how that data is viewed.

Top Contributors and Influencers

The Stats dashboard provides data around those creating and sharing content on your web property. Learn which authors and community members are creating the most viral content, or which Twitter accounts are driving the most traffic back to your site. The data is in your hands: reward your community as you'd like!

Third-Party Integrations

While RebelMouse provides a deep, thorough dashboard to help gauge the performance of your site, the RebelMouse platform integrates easily with third-party analytics platforms to support customers with legacy analytics technologies. Analytics systems that customers currently integrate with RebelMouse include Google Analytics, Adobe Analytics (formerly Omniture), Chartbeat, and more.

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An Important Note on Site Quality From Google’s Search Expert
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An Important Note on Site Quality From Google’s Search Expert

Do you ever wonder if a few typos can impact your site’s search performance? According to Google’s Search Advocate John Mueller, it takes more than just a few grammatical missteps for Google’s crawler to determine your site’s quality.

During a New Year’s Eve Office Hours hangout, Mueller said that if certain portions of a website are deemed low quality, it can negatively impact the site’s search ranking overall. A good example of this is a site that has different language versions within the same domain. If the site has a French-language version that is made up of quality content, but the English translation isn’t up to the same standard, the ranking of the French version of the site could be negatively impacted.

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