No one has ever said selling a home is easy. Horror stories exist of individuals waiting on their home well over a year, and continuously dropping the price to attract more buyers. It is rarely simple. But the below suggests the most common obstacles, and how they can be worked around in a manner that is prompt, cost-effective, and ultimately logical.

What is the Bottom Price

This needs to be established early on. At any moment, an investor or buyer of any kind could make an offer on a property that is below the asking price. This is actually commonplace, so expect it to occur and to occur often. This does not mean the seller will not go up. They likely will if a homeowner reads the situation clearly. But it is wise to go in with a bottom price that is acceptable. This price can change every month, and it should remain active. It also should not be broken, so take all emotions out of the equation.

When home sellers have a bottom price set, they tend to minimize that emotional attachment and get a property sold quicker. This applies when selling a home on the MLS, with RRE Fast House Buyers or selling it directly as the owner.

Money is Money

This directly relates to the above. Money is money no matter where it comes from. Do not discriminate when dealing with a potential buyer. This is not necessarily a literal discrimination, or at least it is not meant to be. This is discrimination in the sense that a buyer’s methods are not ‘suitable.’ For example, they were too aggressive, or a seller did not expect an offer so soon. At the end of the day, money is money no matter the source. Be sure to have morals, but also limit the emotions involved in the transaction.

Working with a cash buyer is effective in that the closing period is quick and the property is sold as-is. One of the most common problems is dealing with repairs and image. When working with a cash buyer, this is not particularly an immediate issue. A buyer will overtake payments, if they apply, and will own the title within a matter of weeks. This could save a property from going into foreclosure and ruining someone’s credit. Truthfully, many problems of selling a home can be drastically minimized when working quickly and working with a cash buyer. Resurrection Realty Enterprises can be explored at Do not hesitate to contact the firm with any questions.