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Re: Why should I use the listicle tool instead of using slideshows?

It depends on the user experience you're aiming for. 


A listicle is an article format that presents your content (typically media + copy) as a list and in one pageview.   If you have content  that is crucial to the article's narrative, go the listicle route.

Check out this listicle example from One Country

Learn more about creating listicles with RebelMouse


Slideshows are typically embedded within an article and require the user to click to view a series of images, which may or may not be paired with captions.  Slideshows can be a great way to generate pageviews once a user engages.

Check out this slideshow example from Paper Magazine

Learn more about creating slideshows with RebelMouse


But a great rule of thumb is to mix it up and try different formats to keep audiences engaged!

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