Of the many threats to people's homes and properties, termites can be some of the worse. Though small, they quickly create large colonies that can consume a large amount of material each day. Due to this, termites can wreak havoc on a home or office building in just a short period of time. As termites are especially attracted to wood, areas that are highly forested or wooden buildings are especially prone to infestations. Professionals provide termite pest control los angeles ca that is fast and effective at getting rid of these insects.

Why is a Termite Infestation So Serious?

When most people think of insect infestations, they think of an annoyance more than a significant threat. Unfortunately, this is not the case with termites. Termites are capable of causing severe damage to buildings and properties in only a short amount of time. Most termites especially enjoy eating wood structures, and they will destroy any wood that they find near their colonies. Even if a termite colony infests a tree on a property, any home or wood structure nearby is at risk. Termites can destroy small pieces wood within just a few weeks, and they can cause major structural damage to homes in under a year. Any evidence of termite activity should be inspected and treated by a professional as soon as possible to stop any damage from occurring.

How Can Termite Infestations Be Treated?

There are several ways to get rid of termites. Generally, a professional rodent control will either use topical spot treatments to kill termites, or they will fumigate the entire building. Both methods offer different benefits towards protecting against termites.

Topical Treatment

Topical treatments can be used on areas of wood that are exposed and easy to reach. Pesticide concentrates as well as foams can be used to kill termites. It is best if the wood is unfinished and unpainted for concentrates to be most effective. Otherwise, holes can be drilled into finished or painted wood, and pesticide foam can be injected inside. Topical treatments are not always as effective as fumigation, but they are much less expensive and provide some protection against future infestations.


When professional exterminators from Los Angeles Termite Control fumigate a building for termites, they will place a tent over the entire structure to keep the poisonous gases concentrated inside. The entire area will be left to sit for several days to kill all the termites within. This is best way to kill termites, but it can be very expensive and doesn't protect against future termite issues.

While termites can create a lot of problems for homes and buildings, professionals are able to provide treatment that will eliminate them quickly. Since termites act fast to consume wood and harm property, it is important to act fast at the first sign of infestation. Treatments such as fumigation and spot treatments can be used to kill termite colonies.