Birthdays are a big deal for young and old alike, and when children reach the "tween" years, it's even harder to figure out how to do a party for them. Boys are especially difficult to plan a party for, and this is why go cart racing corporate outings Huntsville has taken off in a big way. Tweens are often too old for the jumpy houses and far too rambunctious for just the arcade, so what's better than giving them free reign on a speed raceway? That's what the developers had in mind when they came up with the venue and what the party planners explain when you book the spot.


What an amazing party it will be and what a memory to have for any age child (or adult). This type of party event is both thrilling and safe; what an amazing concept! Parents and children, boys and girls, will enjoy the indoor go kart Huntsville facilities and even if racing isn't your cup of tea, (although it's hard to imagine it not being) there's still a full-sized arcade to occupy your time. A themed party rental room will be provided so there's plenty of space to put decorations, cake, food and gifts. Additionally, a dedicated event host will work with you to make sure everything goes smoothly.


Yes, you know those little do-dads you need to give to each child to take home from a party? Well in this case, they actually have meaning. The indoor go kart racing Huntsville venue hands out tokens, trophies and t-shirts to give the birthday boy and girl an extra celebration on their big day. When the races begin, everyone will be gunning for the trophies! Plus, everyone gets to take home their race result sheets with times to better on their next visit.


Whether your child is turning 6 or 66, they'll have the time of their lives indoor go kart racing around the tracks in these electric karts. While it may sound like wild fun for a six-year old, keep in mind, it's perfectly safe. With two cart sizes, children 48" - 55" ride in one car and those taller have a larger car. Naturally, all helmets are provided and they certainly don't require a driver's license. Closed toe shoes are required, but tennis shoes are provided in most sizes if needed.

Are you ready to provide a party your child will never forget? If so, go cart racing is definitely the "way to go!"