We're all familiar with the scenario; you've got a friend or loved one with a birthday coming up and maybe you've located a wonderful gift for them, but the only birthday cards you've seen are the usual drugstore fare that are either so emotional and sweet that they could induce a diabetic coma, or they are just the standard cookie-cutter cards with a cute animal on the front and http://www.quiplip.com/wholesale-greeting-cards some generic text inside that has appeared on greeting cards since the Hoover Administration. You're looking for something a little more edgy, a little more contemporary, a little less respectful, but you're coming up empty.

Maybe you've reached the end of your rope with that individual you used to think was so special, maybe even "The One"; but you'd rather not have a messy, emotional face-to-face break up that could lead to name-calling and restraining orders. Finding just the right card to handle that kind of occasion has always been problematic. You want to be firm without being cruel, but you want to make sure they have no doubt that your door is closed. That's a challenge for any card.

What is the solution? Fortunately, Quiplip has cards for most occasions, from birthdays for those special people in your life, to breaking up with a complete loser. That's quite a product lineup, and they take a great amount of pride in producing some of the most unconventional greeting cards on the market. These are not the kinds of cards people will read once, file away, and forget; these cards make impressions and may be the topic of conversations for some time. These cards say as much about the sender as they do about the recipient.

Quiplip cards cover the major holidays, birthdays, and anniversaries, as well as those other special occasions like graduation, birth, and weddings. They just cover the subject material in a more humorous, slightly-skewed manner. A quick trip to http://www.quiplip.com/ will give you an idea of the quality and variety of their cards and will probably give you a good idea as to what to get for some of your friends and loved ones on upcoming holidays.

If you enjoy and appreciate these cards and would like to share them with a wider audience, Quiplip is also a wholesale greeting cards supplier, so you could offer them for sale in a retail establishment and help others solve their greeting card dilemmas. If you'd like more information on how to make that happen, you can go to Quiplip.Com and go to the "Retailer Inquiries" section. These are definitely not your average greeting cards and your customers will appreciate that.