A new sewer will likely just use the needle that came with their sewing machine. If they're learning to sew on their own, they may not realize how often the needle needs to be changed or how to choose the right needle. Both of these can make a huge difference in the outcome of a project. Below are a few tips for choosing and using sewing needles that can help any new sewer.

Change the Needle Frequently

It's recommended a person change the needle after each project. Using a needle for too long can dull the point and can lead to issues like the needle breaking. Needles are under quite a bit of pressure when they're being used, even if it's an easy project. They should be changed at least every six to eight hours, so if a larger project is going to include quite a bit of sewing it might be wise to have a couple of needles on hand.

Choose the Right Needle for the Job

Choosing quilting needles for a denim project is likely to end with fabric that isn't being sewn at best or damaged at worst. It could also cause the needle to break, sending the sharp tip flying. Denim and other fabrics require a sturdy, sharp blade created specifically for this thick fabric while creating a quilt requires a thinner, shorter needle that can pierce through all of the layers.

Make Sure the Needle is Installed Properly

Although most machines make it easy for the needle to be placed in the right position, it's imperative a person checks this each time they replace the needle. A needle that is not secured can come loose when the person is sewing and cause injuries or break from the stress of being used in the wrong position.

Taking care of the sewing machine needles can make a huge difference in how the project looks when it's completed and how easy the project is to complete. It's important to follow these tips with every sewing project and be careful with how the needles are handled to ensure they do not break or damage the project. Keep any spare needles in the box they come in to protect them and ensure they're easy to find for the next project.