It would be great to freshen the look of the bedroom, but there is not enough money on hand to buy new furnishings. The fact is that the space can be transformed with a new color for the walls, a new window treatment, and some new bed linens. With the latter, there are plenty of different ways to dress a bed. Here are some options to keep in mind.

Spread Duvet or Comforter?

What sort of cover is on the bed at present? Maybe the homeowner has always used comforters in the past. Choosing to branch out and consider some alternatives will help provide a fresh look for the space. For example, quilt covers can provide a chance to introduce more color to the space and also a different texture. For something a little more formal, think about the possibility of trying a duvet cover. Perhaps opting for some type of doona cover in place of the comforter would also add the right element to the space.

Remember that there is something in the New Artisan Range Of Doona Covers to work for just about any taste. From different colors and textures, it will not be hard to find several options to consider. If one does not seem to be quite right, there is always the option fo trying something that is a little different.

Sheeting and Pillow Shams

It is important to make sure the sheets and pillow shams match whatever type of cover is used in the space. While the colors do not have to be the same, they do need to work well together. For example, a pattern or print for the cover will easily blend in if the homeowner chooses to used solid sheets and shams that pick up one of the colors in the cover. Alternatively, it is possible to go with a solid color for the cover and use prints or patterns for the sheeting.

Coordinating the Window Treatment

If there are not treatments designed to go with the choice of cover and sheets, there is the option of making one using sheeting. There are kits that make it easy to create attractive panels or even cornice boards that pick up the right colors and give the space a finished look. Best of all, the process may even involve little to no sewing.

Remember that new furniture is not the only way to give a bedroom a new look. Investing in new bedding, along with a different window treatment and a new color for the walls, will do wonders for the space.