Exclusive residential communities are the best places to raise children these days. The streets are safer because there is plenty of lighting and wide sidewalks. Crime rates are usually half the rate of the State average, so exposure to shady characters is decreased greatly. Schools are award winning institutions of learning rather than hotbeds of deviant behavior, drugs, and minimal educational standards. Playgrounds, walking trails, and recreational opportunities are plentiful so proper exercise can be encouraged and healthy habits can be formed early. That will help keep kids from spending too much time in front of the television or game system because they are bored.

Augusta GA Real Estate offers houses for sale in a variety of planned neighborhoods, such as Creek Bend, Highgrove, and Willow Oak Village. Single family homes are close to restaurants, employment, parks, great medical care, highways, grocery stores, shops, and public transportation. Pools and clubhouses are available to residents for recreation, activities, special events, and rental for private occasions and parties.

The Augusta real estate for sale include natural gas, several floor plans from which to choose, energy efficient appliances, and additional options are available. Some neighborhoods are completed and have vacant homes available. There are also some neighborhoods that are in the early stages of development. That provides flexibility regarding lot size and location, the opportunity to pick a floor plan that meets the needs of the family, and adding options that suits the family wishes.

The combination of a Community Association and protective covenants ensures that the value of the home will not decrease over time. Participating in an active Community Association and adhering to the rules of the covenants will teach children the value of property, and how to take care of it. It will also provide an example of how to be a responsible neighbor, how to show respect for others, and the benefits of following rules.Rules and guidelines are designed to control appearances and noise levels, and to influence residents' conduct. Fences, walls, swimming pools, and sheds cannot be placed in yards without the expressed approval of the Association. Mobile homes, barns, or tents are not allowed on lawns because they are unsightly, hold more people than are included in the single family that lives in the home, and contributes to increased levels of noise. Other homeowners should not have to be subjected to that activity. Pets, for example, need to remain in the yard or on a leash and only two are permitted for each homeowner.