A press release is capable of being something that is quite substantial and rich. Below are three reasons to use a press release through an online format. The reasons go beyond a simple traditional announcement, Though a press release is a glorified announcement, they deliver a lot more. These methods dig out the underlying layers of presenting PR to the public.

A Partnership or New Customer: Creating a pr rich media release aimed at a specific potential customer (or current customer) is a risky proposition. It may place the cards in the hands of the customer by showing an air of desperation. It could also be an incredibly brilliant move that shows a special attachment and level of respect for the customer. Press releases do not need to be completely transparent. For example, a press release thanking a client/customer for a new partnership is an event (the two have joined forces). But, it is also a "congratulations" mixed with a thank you. That single customer could be the beginning of a prosperous relationship, and that should be respected. It is similar to changing the relationship status on a Facebook profile. Does everyone need to know? Not necessarily, but it is a display of pride and satisfaction to know that everyone does know.

Expanding: Announcing a new office, a physical restructuring, or a major change could be a fantastic way to show growth. Current investors will appreciate the public update. Active customers feel validated on their purchase with the company.

A Personal Announcement: Press releases are often about business, but they do not have to be. A good pr ultimate is simply announcing something small and personal. It could be a birthday. It could be a great event in a specific executive's life, such as a marriage. In reality, only a select few care about this situation. Some may argue it is needless. But, others see another layer to the situation. They see the company unmasking a little bit. They see a company that consists of real human beings, and not computers in a warehouse. A close B2C relationship can be huge in a world dominated by instant-access, social media, and television.

Detailed above are examples of how a pr media release is more than just keeping followers informed. There are layers to an authority-driven press release that could garner more sales and attention, or offer goodwill after a dark period. A pr rich media release is just another brilliant tool, and an online release could be more than just a nice little update.