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How to use this online community noticeboard

This online community noticeboard pulls together different conversations about unwelcome planning developments in the Sussex area. It uses a Twitter list 'protectsussex' on the Twitter account @protectsussex. There are many in your communities who don't or can't use social media such as twitter to share and broadcast information. However they may welcome looking at some of the updates included on this online notice board. So here are a few suggestions

  1. Use the URL as part of any email, blog post or newsletter to share with others who don't use social media. 
  2. Use the this online noticeboard to share and connect with other campaign groups
  3. Share the URL with developers and local authorities who you feel are not listening to local people - it is one more way of exerting pressure
  4. Use the  #protectsussex hashtag if you want your tweets to automatically show here Otherwise we will manually add to the board as and when we have time - but be aware we are reliant on volunteers to do this work and they can't always be available so using the hashtag #protectsussex is a time saving device.
  5. Finally, don't forget to add and update the crowdsource map Protect Sussex on the CPRE Sussex website Use this form to update the map
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