Miniature pyrotechnics devices are not for every leading tech industry. Their focused and determined attributes are used for very niche-type of needs. But the right ones can be extraordinarily effective in high scale and intricate networking and commercial defense. Networks Electronic at is one of the industry's foremost developers in this technology that goes into ordnance solution and pyrotechnic for a multitude of major industries. Their product line up is staggering, and covers nearly every component of this fast and complex technical field.

Below is just a small sampling of what they have to offer to consumers. Orders can be made in massive quantities to substantiate large manufacturing processes or in smaller more refined orders to fill in some holes and missing inventory for development.

Igniters: The igniter is a tool that builds pressure to allow for ignition. They come in many sizes and differences to fit the very peculiar needs of a number of important items, including:

thermal batteries
safety fuses
powder systems

Igniters are tested meticulously for assured quality that stands the test of time. The basic difference in them comes down to a single or dual bridgeware. Fortunately, they are available in large quantities in both configuration styles.

Actuators: There are at least 100 different sizing and frames for actuators. They are used in high scale mechanical work. Consider them like traditional mechanic tools on steroids. The major differences depend on the stroke capacity, force output, and the sizing of the device being measured and manipulated. These devices are notoriously reliable, as they need to be. They are used in high capacity military situations that require precision and accuracy to the utmost degree. They are similar to a cartridge activated device in that regard for their specialty and high capacity usage.

CAD/PAD: The dual CAD and PAD (propellant actuated device) are two separate items with very similar uses. They are used to release propellant energy in very concentrated quantities. Throughout everything provided for high-precision mini pyrotechnic devices, they are perhaps the most vital to accuracy. They work in close conjunction with the actuators. They are also man-rated, which means they are manually manned by a team and require delicate precision. It is not possible to have them function solely by machine at this time, so their accuracy and functionality at a high degree is extremely important.

Major technical industries rely on the great functionality of these items on a consistent basis. From the defense industry to commercial to military back to aerospace, these tools are of the highest value.