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Profollica offers the possibility to regrow lost hair offering a 3 component strategy. Hair fall of 50 to 100 hairs each day could be considered normal but receding hair line or thinning of the crown could be an alarm signal. Hair loss may be due to stress, poor diet, illness, medication or other factors, but the primarily and most common cause is genetics.

Based on a study conducted by the American Hair Loss Association, male pattern baldness or MPB is responsible for more than 95% of male hair-loss and 25% of men with MPB begin loosing hair before they reach the age of 21. It is proved that MPB is caused by sensitivity to dihydrotestosterone or DHT, a potent form of testosterone. DHT causes hair follicles to become progressively thinned becoming smaller until they stop growing which signals the death of the follicles.

Dr.Karen Vieira, PhD in Biomedical Sciences, MS in Management and owner of The Med Writers states “The Profollica system promises to have none of the drawbacks which drugs like Propecia or surgery usually imply and consists of 100% natural ingredients carefully selected for safety and effectiveness.”

Profollica is a non prescription anti hair loss solution which addresses overproduction of DHT without causing any known side effects. Its purpose is to interrupt the alpha-5-reductase enzymes from binding with testosterones and block the DHT formation which is responsible for follicle miniaturization.

The system consists of a gel formulated activator with Trichogen which is a potent DHT blocker, and a conditioning agent. Clinical trials suggested that after 112 days of Trichogen use 90% of men experienced lower overall hair loss.

Profollica stimulates blood circulation and the availability of nutrients in the hair, awakens dormant hair follicles, regulates scalp and sebum production, and increases hair elasticity, texture and quality. Worth mentioning is that it should take at least 30 days in order for the treatment to normalize DHT levels before hair regrowth occurs.

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“Traditional options for hair loss include drugs and surgery, but both have significant drawbacks. The Profollica system has none of these drawbacks. It uses all-natural ingredients that were carefully selected for safety and efficacy,” related Dr.Karen Vieira, PhD in Biomedical Sciences, MS in Management and owner of The Med Writers.

Profollica is a non-prescription anti-hair loss system that addresses the overproduction of DHT without the side effects.It is formulated to interrupt the alpha-5-reductase enzymes from binding to free testosterones to block the formation of DHT and stop follicle miniaturization.

The Profollica system includes a daily supplement that works on the problem from the inside by providing the body with potent series of herbal extracts, amino-acids, proteins, nutrients and enzymes to help control DHT production.

It also has a gel-formulated activator with Trichogen, a potent DHT-blocker and conditioning agent,to address the problem from the outside by promoting healthier hair growth. A clinical trial showed that after 112 days of use of Trichogen 90% of men experienced lower overall hair loss.

With continued use for 60 days, Profollica also stimulates blood circulation and nutrient availability in the hair follicles, regulates scalp oiliness and sebum production, awakens dormant hair follicles back into the growth phase, and increases hair elasticity, quality, and texture. It should be noted that it takes at least 30 days to normalize DHT levels and another 30 days to see any hair regrowth.

What Is Alopecia

Alopecia (pron.: /ˌæləˈpʃə/, from Classical Greek ἀλώπηξ, alōpēx, meaning "fox") means loss of hair from the head or body. Alopecia can mean baldness, a term generally reserved for pattern alopecia or androgenic alopecia. Compulsive pulling of hair (trichotillomania) can also induce hair loss. Hairstyling routines such as tight ponytails or braids may cause traction alopecia. Both hair relaxer solutions, and hot hair irons can also induce hair loss. In some cases, alopecia is due to underlying medical conditions, such as iron deficiency.[1]

Generally, hair loss in patches signifies alopecia areata. Alopecia areata typically presents with sudden hair loss causing patches to appear on the scalp or other areas of the body. If left untreated, or if the disease does not respond to treatment, complete baldness can result in the affected area, which is referred to as alopecia totalis. When the entire body suffers from complete hair loss, it is referred to as alopecia universalis. It is similar to the effects that occur with chemotherapy.[2]

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